Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day & Stuff

Happy Mother's Day!  May the Phillies bring all the lovely ladies a win on this beautiful spring day.

*JP Crawford began his 2015 season this past week with Clearwater and he's killed it in his first 4 games (.533/1.400).  It won't be long before one of the top rated prospects in the game is promoted to Reading.
*The Phillies might have a late bloomer in the system.  Art Charles is a 24 year old first baseman, currently mashing in Reading.  Over 6 minor league seasons, he's a .245/.799 batter, so he's not been horrible, but clearly isn't lighting the world on fire either.  However, he's found his groove in 2015 (.373/1.179).  He came to Phils via the Michael Schwimer trade with Toronto.
*I think it's time to call-up Maikel Franco and plug him in at 3rd base permanently. Cody Asche is in a tailspin at the plate and Franco is booming with the bat at Lehigh Valley (.339/.891). 
*Upon Franco's promotion a roster move will need to be made and I nominate Grady Sizemore hitting the waiver wire, because he sure as hell isn't hitting anything else.


GM-Carson said...

Winning 1 outta every 3 games is exactly what I envisioned this group doing. They're terrible.

Bob D said...

1 game closer to 2016 1st draft pick.

GM-Carson said...

Art Charles went 3-3 today and is now batting over .400 in Reading.

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