Sunday, May 31, 2015

End of May Stat Check

19-32 (28th) *On pace for a record of 60-102
Run Differential of -70, worst in baseball

Offensive Rankings:
R - 156 (30th) *On pace for 495 runs scored
AVG - .237 (28th)
OBP - .289 (29th)
SLG - .346 (30th)
OPS - .635 (30th)
DBL - 79 (21st)
TRPL - 13 (5th)
HR - 27 (30th) *On pace for 85 homeruns
SB - 24 (18th)
BB - 116 (27th)
K - 361 (11th)

Ranking By Position:
C - .240/.603 (22nd)
1B - .251/.805 (16th)
2B - .185/.549 (27th)
SS - .280/.672 (15th)
3B - .243/.657 (26th)
LF - .257/.638 (21st)
CF - .249/.631 (24th)
RF - .227/.604 (28th)
PH - .278/.756 (7th)

Pitching Ranks:
ERA - 4.15 (22nd)
WHIP - 1.40 (29th)
K - 349 (19th tied)
BB - 165 (30th)
QS - 27 (11th tied)
Relief WHIP - 1.54 (30th)
*In 148.1 innings, Phillies relief pitchers have allowed 228 base runners to reach base safely via walk or base hit.


GM-Carson said...


Bob D said...

Basesloaded no out = No runs and 3 strike outs.

Well I'm following the Minor Leagues and hopefully a number of the top players will get promoted to the next level somewhere near mid-season. That would be Nola, Lively, Eflin, Leibrant, Leiter, Hockenberry, and Pinto who are all having very good seasons as pitchers. Quinn, Stassi, Alther, Tocci, and Hoskins as hitters. All the pitchers are legit prospects but as for hitters it really only Quinn, Tocci, and Crawford (who already has been promoted) as legit prospects. All the rest are too far away or been too inconsistent to determine if they are to be considered good prospects. The minors are improving, but it will take time.

GM-Carson said...

I too follow the Phillies minor leagues, read the box scores every day. Things are looking better down there than they have in the past couple years. Still kinda void of offensive talent, but they certainly have some pitching on the way.

Bob D said...

Offensive talent is almost all in lower levels except Quinn and Crawford. They both look like real good players who could become ML regulars to stars, and Tocci in low A could become a star.