Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thank You Captain Obvious

The Phillies have scored 24 runs in 10 games.  For you Stephen Hawking like geniuses out there, that's 2.4 runs per game.  I honestly think they'll set records for phutility.  See what I did there?

Despite all my bitching, I love the Phils.  Always have, always will.  I'm not delusional though.


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

As a lifelong Phillies Phan, this is tough to watch. Alas, it is a game, and with a predicted loss record exceeding 100 this year, we've only got 93 to go!!

GM-Carson said...

tis difficult to watch, mostly because a lot of us saw this coming the day Ryan Howard was signed to that stupid extension. We knew Amaro was an idiot from then on and would continue to make similarly retarded moves.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Another game, another loss, another piddling run output (2 runs).

Phillies stink!

Bob D said...

There are a few worth watching:
Odubell Herrera can hit, though his bat flip on his triple may not sit well with the Nationals and his jog to start with may have prevented him getting an inside the park homer.
Cody Asche may not be the best fielding 3rd baseman, but he is fun to watch.
Luis Garcia may be the reliever who may just surprise everyone this year.

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