Friday, April 24, 2015

Showdown- Phillies versus Braves

Atlanta Braves (8-7) @ Philadelphia Phillies (5-11)
Game Times:
Friday, 7:05
Saturday, 7:05
Sunday, 1:35

Comparing Offenses:
C - Christian Bethancourt vs. Carlos Ruiz
1B - Freddie Freeman vs. Ryan Howard
2B - Alberto Callaspo vs. Chase Utley
SS - Andrelton Simmons vs. Freddy Galvis
3B - Chris Johnson vs. Cody Asche
LF - Kelly Johnson vs. Ben Revere
CF - Eric Young Jr. vs. Odubel Herrera
RF - Nick Markakis vs. Jeff Francoeur
Bench - AJ Pierzynski, Jace Peterson, Cameron Maybin, Phil Gosselin & Jonny Gomes vs. Cameron Rupp, Andres Blanco, Cesar Hernandez, Grady Sizemore & Darin Ruf
Runs - Braves 60 (20th) vs. Phillies 41 (30th)
AVG - Braves .240 (17th) vs. Phillies .213 (30th)
OPS - Braves .694 (13th) vs. Phillies .593 (30th)

Comparing Pitching Staffs:
SP1 - Alex Wood vs. Aaron Harang
SP2 - Shelby Miller vs. David Buchanan
SP3 - Trevor Cahill vs. Jerome Williams
CL - Jason Grilli vs. Jonathan Papelbon
RP - Sugar Ray Marimon, Jim Johnson, Luis Avilan, Cody Martin, Brandon Conniff & Ian Thomas vs. Justin DeFratus, Ken Giles, Jake Diekman, Hector Neris, Jeanmar Gomez & Luis Garcia
ERA - Braves 3.89 (14th) vs. Phillies 3.99 (16th)
WHIP - Braves 1.33 (19th) vs. Phillies 1.48 (29th)

What To Imbibe On:
Deschutes Brewery- Black Butte Porter.  The quintessential porter, with just enough bitterness to help balance the roasted malt notes, semi-creamy head, and cocoa sweetness.  Low enough ABV (5.2%) to drink multiples.  It has many characteristics of a stout, but isn't as chewy/thick, leaving you with that full feeling.  Let it warm up a bit to thoroughly enjoy.  Good stuff.

Commercial Description- With a dark beer as our first and flagship brand, Black Butte defined Deschutes as a radical player. A slight hop bitterness up front enhances the distinctive chocolate and roasted finish. It’s prized for its creamy mouthfeel and intense complex flavors. - 97


Bob D said...

Braves with the best Phillies impression of the year: wild pitch and error to lose game.

Hitting stats are just down right horrible:
Galvis 345
Asche 327
Herrera 288
Other 10 hitters 227 or lower

Ruf and Francoeur the only one with low average who have shown a lil pop.

With Brown returning soon I could see Sizemore becoming a roster casualty. If Franco is still hitting away on May 15th in AAA I could see a Howard cut if he is still not producing or a move of Francoeur. No need for any veterans to block a prospect from coming up and getting experience if they are ready.

Harang and Papelbon may pitch their way into top trade canidates who may net a good return. No need to rush to trade Hamels since he is under contract for next 4 years and the chances of bringing a good return in a trade is usually less than 50%.

Cheers on a long season, I expect at some point the team will drive you to stop posting about beer and to start hitting the hard stuff.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Agreed on the Sizemore roster casualty. Honestly, he shouldn't have been re-signed to a MLB contract. He's just a shell of the player he used to be.

I'd like to see Aaron Atherr get a shot in the outfield at some point this season too.

Harang has been amazing. One of the top pitches in all of baseball. Possible pitcher of the month award coming his way.

Bob D said...

Harang may end up as the most sought after pitcher. Being paid only $5million and having a 2nd straight good season. He may cost a team 2 fairly good prospects but cost less than Hamels and others in terms of money and prospects.

Williams is going decent too, he may end up traded along the lines of Roberto Hernandez from last year. But I wouldn't expect anything more than at least 1 mid level quality prospect.

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