Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Phans, Get Used To It...

On Sunday the Phillies had a winning record of 3-2, but have dropped 3 straight to fall to 3-5.  Get used to losing Phans, it's here to stay for at least a couple more seasons.

*David Buchanan was awesome in Spring Training, but is floundering in the early going.  The kid is better than this, and the Phils have plenty of time to wait out this rough patch.

*Is the Odubel Herrera experiment worthy of an entire season?  Looks entirely outmatched.

*Nice to see Chase Utley's bat finally show up for the 2015 season.

*Ryan Howard sucks.


GM-Carson said...

Still just 1 Howard so far in 2015. C'mon you hacks!

Bob D said...

Keep Herrera as I do think he can be part of the future - for one he can hit. But he may need to be a part time / platoon player for awhile.

But I count 3 games that could have been won but they did not because they made errors, or fielding mistakes not ruled errors, or made other lasps at bat and so on. Simple mistakes that good teams rarely commit are being made on a consistent basis.

Only a 2 year coma may spare me from watching this and I wake up in the pennant race. But Phillies Phan thru thick n thin.

GM-Carson said...

Stop bunting. Bunts are typically like giving outs away, but the way the Phillies have been doing it is even worse, because they're moving nobody along. This is Sandberg's philosophy of small ball and it's horrible. For a team that can barely score runs to begin with, to gift the opponent outs.

Bob D said...

Asche, should he hit 2nd or 3rd?

Herrera finally coming around - all it took is a mention on WSBGMs and he kicks it into gear.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Herrera is just going to have an adjustment period. He's probably a league average hitter. Time will tell.

Bob D said...

How about that, they do know how to put a lineup together with Howard not hitting 4th