Wednesday, April 01, 2015

No Power, No Wins- 2015 Phillies

Ruben Amaro recently said the Phillies have no power in the outfield and no power in the infield.  True story.

Projected Opening Day Starters' 2014 Homeruns:
Ryan Howard/1B - 23
Chase Utley/2B - 11
Freddy Galvis/SS - 4
Cody Asche/3B - 10
Carlos Ruiz/C - 6
Ben Revere/LF - 2
Odubel Herrera/CF - 0
Jordan Danks/RF - 2
Total - 58 Homeruns

Even if you plug eventual right fielder Dom Brown into the mix, he only adds a net gain of 8 homeruns for a total of 66.  Pathetic.  Eff you very much Amaro!

What Amaro failed to mention is that the rotation will also be lacking wins.

Projected Starting Rotation's 2014 Wins:
Cole Hamels - 9
Aaron Harang - 12
David Buchanan - 6
Jerome Williams - 6
Seaon O'Sullivan or Chad Billingsley - 0
Total - 33 Wins

Ladies and gentlemen, shit is bad.  For reals.  This team is destined for 100+ losses.  Thinking different is foolish.  This is no April Fools joke.


Beer-a-Thon said...

Chase Utley's bat is ready. I love him. Hope he does well this season despite being surrounded in crap.

Freddy Galvis starting to hit a bit better.

Cesar Jimenez for bullpen?

Who is utility infielder?

Bob D said...

Howard, Utley, Asche, & Brown as only hitters to get double digit homers this year? Maybe Jerome Williams will pop a couple also.

Im still rooting for Wilson Valdez to return as a pitcher and win 25 games and the NL Cy Young award

Anthony said...

I hope all you guys got your subscriptions.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Truth of the matter, Jerome Williams has been pretty bad this Spring and really has been a bad pitcher a lot of his career. Not sure he'll even make it the entire season in the rotation.

Bob D said...

Williams is one of the 4 aces

GM-Carson said...

I need to Photoshop that!

Robert Dalton said...

Bring back Jobu also to help Howard hit homers

Robert Dalton said...

No power? Revere with the bomb

GM-Carson said...

Official 25 man roster to soon be announced. Waiting with pins and needles.

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