Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just Some Stuff

What the hell is wrong with Chase Utley?  He was amazeballs during Spring Training, but has been nearly the worst everyday player in MLB to begin the season.  Out of 192 qualified batters, Utley's .404 OPS ranks 189th. 

Want a crazy stat? Sure you do, and even if you don't, you're now gonna read it anyway...the Phillies bullpen has the 9th best ERA (2.98) but the worst WHIP (1.61).  So despite appearing pristine on the surface, the fact is it's despicably dingy underneath.

Who would have thought two of the Phillies best batters in the early going would be Freddy Galvis and Odubel Herrera?  I certainly did not.  Both are young and property of the Phils for the foreseeable future, so go get 'em boys!

With all these injuries happening around baseball and ineffective closers, Cole Hamels, Aaron Harang, and Jonathan Papelbon become more attractive to contending teams in need (see Blue Jays, Red Sox, Cardinals, Marlins).  Onward with the next chapter of the rebuild.

Domonic Brown's 20th and last day of rehab assignment comes today.  He's hit a limp-noodle .159/.573 in 15 games.  That's on-par with most of the Phillies current lineup, but apparently Ryne Sandberg thinks Dom would benefit from being optioned to the minors.  Ouch.  But I agree.

22 year old right-hander Severino Gonzalez makes his MLB debut tonight in St. Louis.  Over 5 minor league seasons, he's amassed a 25-23 record with a 2.99 ERA/1.05 WHIP in 415 innings.  Youth infusion!


Beer-a-Thon said...

Tom McCarthy just got excited about 31 hits in 4 games, so excited to average just under 8 hits a game. He's horrible at his job.

Stop f'n bunting! It's statistically stupid. Why the hell bunt to move a runner into scoring for Utley? Unfortunately, he's literally one of the worst players currently in the game.

Bob D said...

Youth infusion didn't go well. However I hope he gets another start to see a bit more of him at this level.

Bullpen is not looking as strong this year. I know last year they turned it on part way thru year. But Diekman and DeFratus have looked wild. Giles has gotten good results but he is not as dominate as last year. Papelbon and Garcia have been very good.

GM-Carson said...

Paps and Garcia good.

Diekman, horrible. He should be optioned to AAA.

DeFratus, WTF?

I warned of this from the bullpen. I had a sneaking suspicion that they would be ineffective. I hate being right almost all the time.

GM-Carson said...

4 of the Phillies relievers are in the bottom 20 in MLB for WHIP- Jake Diekman, Justin DeFratus, Dustin McGowan & Jeanmar Gomez.