Friday, March 13, 2015

Phillies Hurting in Rotation

At the beginning of Spring Training, there was talk of competition for the 5th spot in the Phillies rotation.  Truth be told, that ain't the case anymore.  Lee has a bum elbow and Harang had been hunched over for too long, walking like an orangutan, that his back hurts.  That means two open slots.

Possible Rotation:
1. Cole Hamels
2. Jerome Williams
3. David Buchanan
4. Kevin Slowey
5. Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

That is laughable and appalling.  Just like the Phils of yesteryear from my childhood.  In laymen's terms, they suck.

Of course miracles could happen.  Lee is able to pitch through the pain, Harang finds a therapeutic masseuse, and Chad Billingsley is ready by the end of April to bump someone for the rotation.  Hahahahahahahaha!!!