Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bad Spring

WSBGMs is your official reporter of gloom and doom for everything Philadelphia Phillies related.  Due to the mandated reporting, the following must be divulged...

*Rankings Out of 116 Qualified Batters
AVG: Ben Revere - .149 (112th) and Cesar Hernandez - .086 (15th)
OPS: Freddy Galvis - .560 (101st), Cesar Hernandez - .362 (115th), and Ben Revere - .349 (116th)

*Rankings Out of 52 Qualified Pitchers
ERA: Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez - 7.53 (50th)
WHIP: Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez - 1.81 (51st)
L: Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez - 3 (1st tied)
AVG: Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez - .385 (52nd)

As you can clearly see, two of the Phillies 8 regulars (Revere and Galvis) are struggling mightily at the plate, one out of options utility player has been practically nonexistent (Hernandez), and the only Phillies spending splurge in international waters is sucking ass (Gonzalez). 

Stay tuned for further face punches.


GM-Carson said...

And the wild Andy Oliver showed up today, 4 BB in 0.2 IP. This is his problem. Between him and fellow lefty Diekman, we'll have to suffer through bouts of wildness.

GM-Carson said...

Please don't take this as I'm down on Giles, but I am worried about him. He really never experienced all that much minor league success before breaking out in 2014. Wouldn't be surprised if there were some hiccups this season.

GM-Carson said...

Holy shit, Jake Diekman just got slaughtered.

Robert Dalton said...

Amaro needs to buy some corked bats to assist the non existing offense. Also it's easier now to track who doesn't have back leg and arm pain. On a plus the last 3 games I watched have resulted in several solid hours of napping