Friday, February 20, 2015

Cliff Lee Magic 8-Ball Interview

"I brought this to answer my hard questions." Cliff Lee said.

Questions like, "Phillies president Pat Gillick said the team would not contend until 2017."

"Hold on a second," Lee said, picking up the Magic 8 Ball. "Most likely." When asked more about the same issue, Lee responded, "Yes, definitely."

"Yes, definitely you want to be traded?"

"Let me see," Lee said. "That's another tough one. I don't know if I want to answer that." Lee looked at the ball again. "Very doubtful."

Savvy vet!


Rich Baxter said...

The Magic 8 Ball was always one of my favorites...

"Check back later.." is one of my favorite responses.

You can even play along yourself online, just go to

Ask 8 Ball

I asked it if Cliff Lee would be traded, it said. "Don't Count On It"

GM-Carson said...

Red Sox sign Yoan Moncada for about $30M.


All these Cuban players with promise and not one do the Phillies sign. Well, they did sign Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, but he ain't shit.

Watch Yosmany Thomas kill it in Arizona and Moncada be a great player in Boston, all while the Phillies are still fiddle-f'n around with the likes of Dom Brown, Freddy Galvis, and Ryan Howard. Pathetic. Thanks for ruining everything Amaro.

Anthony said...

I'm not too upset about Moncada; he's the first guy that may not have been more valuable than an MLB free agent signing.

I'm more upset about ALL THE OTHERS THEY LET GO. I wanted them to get Puig, Soler, Castillo, and Tomas, and not a one of them would have cost a tax or a penalty, but they were not serious about any of them.

Trading away the vets that won't be a part of the future is a very good move, as is buying cheap free agents and hoping to flip them, but more needs to be done than that.

Bob D said...

What I have been reading (taking it with a grain of salt) is that the Phils will spend significantly at the July 2nd new signing period later this year.

Now I know if they don't score runs the team will not likely win. But I look at the rotation of Hamels, Lee, Harang, Billingsly, and a mix of some others they are not half bad. They could end up as a good rotation but there are 2 issues in the way; one is injury issues with 2 of them, and two is the fact that one or all 4 of them could be traded by July 31. I would say there is a high chance that at least 2 of them will be good and a decently good chance that they will have 3 good starters. And if by chance they strike gold and have 4 really good starters with the bullpen they have then who knows.

Well anyway I will return back to reality now.

GM-Carson said...

I hope that Harang and Williams do well, but definitely wouldn't count on it. Especially Jerome.

Buchannon needs to remain in the rotation. He had a good rookie year and needs the chance to continue to learn and progress at the MLB level.

Beer-a-Thon said...

"No team was singled out more often by our sources as stubborn nonbelievers in analytics. Thanks to Bill James and generations of sabermetricians, baseball is further down the analytics road than the other major sports -- which means the Phillies are further behind than any other team in sports.

In 2010, GM Ruben Amaro boasted, "We don't have an in-house stats guy, and I kind of feel we never will. We're not a statistics-driven organization by any means."

Shortly after, Amaro signed slugging first baseman Ryan Howard -- already under contract for the next two years -- to a five-year, $125 million extension covering his age 32 through 36 seasons. Howard was coming off of his fourth straight monster season according to traditional Triple Crown stats, but he didn't rate nearly as well in advanced metrics such as WAR in large part because of his liability as a defender. Giving that much money that far in the future to a large, immobile, power hitter at that age left the sabermetrically inclined scratching their heads.

Howard's production and the Phillies' fortunes have suffered in the years since, and his onerous contract now has the team in a bind.

In 2013, the Phillies hired Scott Freedman as manager of baseball analytics, but Amaro downplayed Freedman's importance, saying, "I don't know if it's going to change the way we do business, necessarily." Although not a programmer, Freedman is described as "a talented individual" and a "creative thinker" by former supervisors Dan Halem (MLB) and Adam Fisher (Mets) respectively. Freedman's ability to pull the Phillies into the 21st century will require more support from upper management than it appears willing to provide."

Yep, as previously thought and already known, the Phillies are stupid, stubborn, old bastards. I'm not saying they should be "Moneyball" like the A's and fully Sabermetric driven, but damn, they should be a little!

Anthony said...

I'm tired of everyone thinking they know everything about the future. Sure you can have educated guesses, but you can't know for sure. I didn't expect them to come back and win the division from the Mets in 2007 and 2008, but it happened.

Don't lose the faith completely guys. Get Bea Arthur out early, we'll need her.

GM-Carson said...

Bea Arthur, may her poor soul rest in peace. Not sure she'll be making a rallying cry for the Phightins this season.

But you never know...