Friday, January 23, 2015

Tyler Greene not Tyler Green

The Phillies have attained the services of an old friend, in name only.  Tyler Greene, the former 1st round pick of the Cardinals, has joined the ranks on a minor league contract.  Tyler Green, the former 1st round pick of the Phillies, is still having nightmares of walking batters and serving up homeruns in retirement. 

Greene with a third "e" is 31 years old and can play all over the diamond.  His primary position is shortstop, but he's capable of playing 3rd, 2nd, and OF.  Over 5 seasons with the Cardinals, Astros, and White Sox he's hit .224/.645 with 17 HR and 28 SB in 288 games.  He's past prospect stage and it's highly doubtful he'll be a late bloomer.  In other words, organizational depth.  In 9 minor league seasons he's batted .273/.786 with 99 HR and 161 SB.

Now onto more pressing news...the Phillies and Brewers are in "serious talks" about Jonathan Papelbon.  I'm in favor of a trade because a crap team with a high priced closer is bogus.  The Phils will likely have to kick in some money to help offset Papelbon's exorbitant contract.  However, they should get an alright return. The facts- Papelbon is a douche.  Papelbon remains an elite closer.  Papelbon was the best relief pitcher in the NL in 2014 according to WAR (2.8).  Papelbon is owed $13M this year with a vesting option of the same for 2016 if he finishes 48 games.