Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chad Billingsley Gets Guaranteed Money

From 2006-2013, Chad Billingsley was a solid MLB pitcher for the Dodgers.  Over 8 seasons, he won 81 games in 190 starts, with 1175.1 innings pitched, 1037 strikeouts, a 3.65 ERA, and a 1.36 WHIP.  Problem being, his last MLB action was 2 games back in April of 2013, NONE in 2014.  Yet, the omnipotent Ruin Tomorrow Jr. decided to dole out a guaranteed $1.5M to him.  Must be nice to be a has-been on the mend and be rewarded handsomely.

Seriously though, perhaps Billingsley will be able to return to form.  He's only 30 years old. He has plenty of incentive to perform well.  It's a minimal risk, though, I totally thought it would be a minor league contract.

To create room for Billingsley on the 40 man roster, the Phillies designated Cesar Jimenez for assignment.  The 30 year old lefty has appeared in 35 games for the Phils over the last two seasons, posting a nice 2.73 ERA and 0.7 WAR.  He's nothing special, but he's sure as hell better than that no-talent ass-clown Canadian, Phillippe Aumont, who still owns a spot on the 40 man roster for some unfathomable reason.


Beer-a-Thon said...

BoSox just designated lefty Drake Bitton for assignment. 25 years old with a 2.93 ERA in 25 games over the past 2 seasons.

He hasn't been so good in the minors, but that was primarily as a starter. Maybe his niche is relief.

Anthony said...

Billingsley isn't so bad; if there's one thing the Phillies have, it's money. I'd love them to spend a whole bunch in the international market, but this is very low risk.

GM-Carson said...

I'm still pissed about Yasmany Thomas. Maybe they'll get some of these new guys hitting the market.

Bob D said...

Need to replace Aumont

Bob D said...

James Sheilds is still out there and many teams now don't have the money to sign him. Wonder if the Phils would and then use him or someone else as trade bait. He wanted 5 plus years, but the Phils maybe able to get him with little or no comppition for either 4yrs and 80 mil or just a 1 yr 20 mil offer or so.

GM-Carson said...

Signing Shields now to pair with Hamels, whom they should keep, would give a great 1-2 punch. Just wait for some of the younger arms to come along and rebuild the offense.

This would also make trading Lee easier, as soon as he proves he's healthy.

Andrew said...

But why would they spend the money now for a team they don't think will compete for 2 more seasons? Or are you more optimistic and think they could be something in 2016?

Beer-a-Thon said...

Maybe they can contend by 2017- having Hamels and Shields in the rotation would be a nice building block for that. Franco at 3rd, Crawford at SS, Utley still at 2nd or move over to 1st. Sign some outfielders and hope one of the young catchers start to burn through minors. Still haven't given up on Kelly Dugar (outfielder).

I'm just trying to see a light at the end of this black hole of a tunnel.

Andrew said...

Seems like a big expense and risk to sign a 33 year old pitcher for a huge payday two years before we really need him. I don't see them doing it. I think we're done after the Billingsly signing until mid-season trades unless something can be worked out for Paps.

GM-Carson said...

I agree Andrew. It was a silly idea.

Amaro says Papelbon trade still being discussed. So, we can hope.

Andrew said...

trading Paps and one of a healthy Lee or (hopefully not) Hamels by the trade deadline for 3-4 MLB ready or nearly ready talents would be ideal. Maybe a mix of an OF, a mid IN, C, P... I think that, plus the homegrown talent we already are working on and the newbies we just acquired, would make 2016 more interesting that we expect.

Andrew said...

I also like the idea of possibly being able to flip Billingsly, Harang, and/or Jerome Williams for prospects and whatnot. Could end up being valuable. Or not.

GM-Carson said...

I could see both Billingsley and Harang has some trade value come July (at least one mid-level C grade prospect). Not sure about Jerome Williams. Would love for him to duplicate what he did again in 2014 for the Phils though.

Bob D said...

Im not sure what to think of Moncada yet. Sounds like a top prospect who plays 2B. However if they sign him they lose the chance to sign other top international prospects for nearly 2 years. So do they Phils go out and bust the bank a bit this year only knowing for the next 2 years they will be unable to and sign Moncada? How about they do and decide to outbid everyone and sign others very quickly and bring in the likes of infielder Ibanez (not Raul), righty Vladimir Gutierrez and infielder Dainer Moreira?

Tough call as there could be other good prospects in the next 2 years become available.

Oh yeah on Papelbon, if they hang on to him for another year or partial year they may actually help Giles get another year in learning and also may help with him salary down the road in arbitration when he become eligible. That way they don't feel pressured to trade him even earlier.

And watch AA Reading this year, the Phillies future hinges on that team. The projected rotation and several of the position players could be key for the future.

Beer-a-Thon said...

The Reading Phightins should be fun to watch in 2015.

If Papelbon brings back something good, then trade him. If not, hang on. Giles was awesome last year, but lets see him prove it a 2nd straight season. Thrusting him into the closer's role, and if he fails, could render him useless. Don't ruin the kid.

C.M.R. said...

KK goes to the rockies. watch his ERA explode.

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