Friday, December 05, 2014

Nothing to Blog About

As loyal reader Bob D put it - "This team has stopped doing anything. No moves at trade deadline (except Mayberry), only 2 re-signed (Jerome Williams and Grady Sizemore), and several minor league signings. But no trades or bigger free agents. Next week is the Winter Meetings, which I do expect for something to be done, but so far any change hasn't really happened."
Hence, Thus, Therefore, nothing to blog about. 


Bob D said...

Oh wait, I heard Jason Werth has gotten a 10 day jail sentence. That is blog worthy, maybe even Meme worthy.

GM-Carson said...

“I’m actually probably optimistic about what’s been going on, dialogue-wise, some of the things we’ve discussed externally and internally,” Amaro said. “It’s been a very, very active communication market so far….It’s fortunate we’ve stayed out of the rumor mill, because I prefer to do things quietly. And it doesn’t do anybody any good when it’s out there. I like when it’s quiet. I like the dialogue we’ve had in the last several weeks.”

Bob D said...

I think the Phils can improve the best long term by trades that include Byrd, Revere, Bastardo, and maybe Asche. Asche only because I feel he would bring the most back, but I do think he is going to improve to be a really good player.