Sunday, November 02, 2014

Minor League Depth Signings

WSBGMs is a fan of offseason minor league contracts.  Why?  Because they are aplenty and make for something to mull over in between countless rumors of big name free agents and trades.  Amaro has already inked a few, and the calendar just flipped to November.

Minor League Depth Signings:
Brian Bogusevic/OF - last saw MLB action in 2013 and has played parts of 4 seasons with the Astros and Cubs.  He's hit .236/.682 with 84 R, 33 DBL, 17 HR, 62 RBI, and 22 SB in 299 games with a 2.1 WAR.  The converted pitcher bats left-handed and is set to turn 31 in February.  Lifetime .284/.796 batter in the minors.

Darin Mastroianni/OF - the 29 year old bats right-handed and has seen time in MLB over past 4 seasons with the Blue Jays and Twins.  Career .212/.564 hitter over 129 games.  Better minor league stats, .278/.738 in 691 games 242 stolen bases.

John Hester/C - a big backstop (6'4" 240 lb.) that has also spent parts of 4 seasons in the Majors, he with the Angels and Diamondbacks.  Hit .216/.645 in 93 games.  With both Wil Nieves and Koyie Hill likely gone, the Phillies needed some insurance here because incumbent backup catcher, Cameron Rupp, does not seem ready to handle the job. The 31 year old has a decent stick in the minors, batting .274/.790 in 629 games.


Bob D said...

I'm not sure if I can pronounce either of the outfielders names.
AAA originally was looking like Altherr, Dugan, and Perkins. Dugan as the better of the prospects who can hit and has power, while Perkins can hit with little pop, and Altherr who has speed but doesn't impress as a hitter to me. I figured Dugan and Perkins as possibly getting a cup of coffee with the Phillies late in the year if they have a good year.

Now looking at these 2 signings and bringing back Sizemore I think the Phils will trade anyone and everyone in the OF. And one of these guys will likely figure in as the 5th OF.

GM-Carson said...

I think all of Dom Brown, Revere, and Byrd will be shopped this winter. Brown isn't worth anything though, so the Phils should just keep him and hope for a rebound. Revere and Byrd may be at peak value, so swapping them for the future makes sense.

Robert Dalton said...

I agree. With Brown near league minimum and could possibly turn his career around he is the most likely to stick around to show either he can be part of the future or a trade asset. So instead of trading for beans, but if a better player is offered then may be worth it

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