Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Generating Ryan Howard Trade Scenarios

Ryan Howard is set to make $60M over the next 2 years.  The Phillies desperately want to move him.  That's no small feat.  Howard had a historically horrible year as a cleanup hitter, albeit with 23 homeruns and 95 RBI.  Trading him to a team that could use him at DH would be ideal and for the other team's unwanted contract(s) in return.  I've generated some scenarios below that fit that criteria.  Not sure if any are realistic, given no-trade clauses and whatnot, but it's some food for thought.

Baltimore Orioles - Ubaldo Jimenez (3 YR/$38.75M) and Ryan Webb (1 YR/$2.75M).  Webb would go directly into the bullpen and Jimenez into the rotation.  The O's would get a fulltime DH and likely some cash from the Phils to make the trade a bit more even.

Chicago White Sox - John Danks (2 YR/$28.5M).  The Phillies would have to throw money in to help offset the cost, but I could see Howard performing well splitting 1B/DH duties with Jose Abreu and Danks could hold down a rotation spot for the next 2 years in Philly. 

Cleveland Indians - Nick Swisher (2 YR/$30M) and Michael Bourn (2 YR/$27.5M).  They could even throw Ryan Raburn in on the deal if they felt like it (1 YR/$2.6M).  This would be an even swap of bad contracts that could potentially help each team.  Bourn would slot into CF and Swisher could play 1B/OF.  Howard would split 1B/DH duties with Carlos Santana.

Minnesota Twins - Ricky Nolasco (3 YR/$37M) and Mike Pelfrey (1 YR/$5.5M).  Pelfrey is sunken cost and Nolasco never should have been signed to that contract, but he could still fill a spot in the rotation, while Howard could DH in the Twin Cities. 

New York Yankees - one of Mark Teixeira (2 YR/$45M), Alex Rodriguez (3 YR/$61M), or CC Sabathia (2 YR/$48M).  All three are well past their primes and A-Rod would bring a media circus with him reminiscent of Bonds in San Fran. 

I ruled out the Braves (BJ Upton) because of no DH and Freddie Freeman, the Cubs (Edwin Jackson) because of no DH and Anthony Rizzo, and the Dodgers (Andre Ethier) because of no DH and Adrian Gonzalaez.