Thursday, November 13, 2014

Elvis, Frenchy, and 3 Others Walk Into a Bar

Amaro is up to his usual business (aka- signing players that likely have no barring on success for the 2015 season, unless you're referring to the Iron Pigs' season).  Nevertheless, WSBGMs will do our due diligence and give you the rundown of each player signed.

First up, the only one of the 5 that got a MLB deal, Elvis Araujo.  Never heard of him?  Yeah, me either, and for good reason.  He's never pitched above Double-A, and that's only been 21 innings.  I wish I could say "Elvis has left the building", because his stats are not that promising- 5 seasons, 102 G, 57 GS, 321.1 IP, 269 K, 3.87 ERA, 1.39 WHIP, and 3.9 walks BB/9.  He is only 23 years old and a tall lefty (6'6"), so maybe the numbers aren't telling the whole story.

Next up, Frenchy.  Yep, Jeff Francoeur.  Astonishingly enough, he'll only be 31 years old next season.  He's already had a decent career, having hit .262/.722 with 250 DBL, 140 HR, and 619 RBI over 10 years.  His last truly useful season was 2011 with the Royals, but he certainly adds outfield depth to the Phillies organization.  Added bonus- he made 8 relief appearances for the Padres Triple-A affiliate last year, so should a game go deep into extra innings maybe he'll be able to pull a Wilson Valdez.

Another outfielder was added to the mix in the form of Xavier Paul, he of a .250/.679 batting line in 349 MLB games with the Dodgers, Reds, Pirates, and Diamondbacks.  He has a little pop and a little speed, so he's a nice stash away guy.  He's had success in AAA in 351 games, batting .307/.855 with 44 HR and 42 SB.

Then there's Chase d'Araud.  Former Pirate, so possible Phucco, and he's named Chase, so Phillies fans are already accustomed to rooting for that name. The middle infielder has seen time in parts of 3 MLB seasons, batting a paltry .208/.507 with 13 SB.  His minor league numbers are better- .260/.726 over 652 games.  He'll be 28 years old next year and is also able to play some outfield and 3rd base.

Finally, the familiar face of Andres Blanco is back.  He's been in the organization the past 2 seasons and actually saw time with the Phillies last year.  In 7 MLB seasons, the 30 year old has hit .257/.643, and he might be an alright utility infielder.  So, when Freddy Galvis falls flat on his face (again) due to his inability to hit, Andy White will be waiting.

In summation, I like 4 out of the 5 signings (80%, way to pass the test Rube!).  The only one I dislike and don't understand is the Elvis deal, because it's a MLB contract with a spot on the 40 man roster.  The rest add much needed depth, due to the fact the Phils upper minors are pretty void of MLB ready players.


Robert Dalton said...

Is was confused too but Elvis is a lefty and can throw at 97mph. I think Aumont and Rosenberg can do the same. He actually may have upside but a bit further down the road

GM-Carson said...

If by "do the same" you mean suck, then yeah, I agree.

Bob D said...

If he is replacing Aumont on roster, then its a good move.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Burnett signs with Pirates for $8.5M after walking away from a guaranteed $12.75M payday with the Phillies. That's a $4.25M sacrifice to play for a winner. Respect.

GM-Carson said...

Holy balls, Russell Martin had a good year, but 5 yr/$82M for a 31 year old catcher that typically was only turning in an OPS slightly above .700, wow.

Robert Dalton said...

Stanton 13 years and 325 million

GM-Carson said...

Stanton's deal- good for him, bad for baseball.

rslitman said...

On this Sunday the 23rd, we remember that it was on another Sunday the 23rd that Francoeur had his most memorable at-bat against the Phillies. Playing for the Mets, bottom of the 9th, facing Brad Lidge, 2 on, nobody out, Phillies ahead by one or two at the most.

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