Friday, October 24, 2014

Amaro Attempts to Reconstruct Crap Team

The bitter taste of the Phillies 2014 last place finish in the NL East is still fresh and gag worthy in everyone's mouth.  That hasn't stopped Ruben Amaro from attempting to reconstruct the same shitty team for 2015. 

Jerome Williams - extended for 1 year $2.5M
Grady Sizemore - extended for 1 year $2M
Cesar Jimenez - avoids arbitration

It's not that any of those players were the reason for the Phillies woes last season, but they likely aren't going to help turn the squad around either.  As pointed out in the last post, Williams twirled magic in 9 starts with the Phillies, but was atrocious with the Rangers and Astros earlier in the year.  Sizemore was released by Boston and played only league average for the Phils.  Jimenez tossed 16 innings for the Phillies, albeit quality, but that's a small sample size. 

Delving deeper, Williams, Sizemore, and Jimenez will all be 30+ years old next season with little upside.  Thinking Williams can maintain anywhere near a 2.83 ERA is foolhardy. Thinking Grady will return to his glory days with Cleveland is foolish.  Thinking Jimenez will repeat his 1.69 ERA over an entire season is silly.

I'm not angry any of these guys are returning.  I'm just confused. Maybe Amaro is just trying to create depth and lock in cost effective complementary pieces.  Or, perhaps he's banking on repeat performances.  Guess we'll have to wait and see how the offseason unfolds.


Bob D said...

You said it, "we have to wait and see how the offseason unfolds".

The Jimenez signing is the one that I wanted to see the most, he was good in AAA and majors and provides some depth. Sizemore and Williams provide depth for OF & SP which the team has no prospects that are major league ready to start the season.

Starting pitchers that could make their debuts during 2014 could be Nola, Biddle, & Morgan. They all have upside and provide better options over the KK's and Williams of the world.

Outfielders who could debut during 2014 and replace Sizemore and others are Altherr (has lil pop and speed, but not much of a hitter), Dugan, and Perkins who both can hit and play defense with Dugan having more power. Not sure how they will pan out in majors but the better prospects are all in lower minors making them 2-3 years away.

I do think the team will trade Byrd and Revere since their value is higher after 2014. There is really no need to trade top prospects for older players rather do the opposite.

GM-Carson said...

I don't mind Revere or Byrd being traded. They are decent players, but it's not like they were part of the winning formula. Trade them for young pieces.

Robert Dalton said...

Gotta wonder, how many of 2014 roster will actually return? Recent comments make it seem a complete roster purge a possibility.

ripjgarcia said...

Is it me or does Joe Maddon belong here.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Joe Maddon is a Central, PA boy (Hazelton) and is a great strategist. However, his style might not be welcome in Philly, because he's not hard-nosed enough. I wouldn't mind him, I welcome change. Changes need to be made.

GM-Carson said...

BJ and the Bear Rosenberg outrighted off the 40-man roster.

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