Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Howard & Other Stuff

With the 2014 MLB regular season winding down, it's time to take a look at The Howard standings.  Atop the leader board are Ian Desmond and Brandon Belt with 3 apiece.  Belt is currently inactive, but Desmond continues to crack homeruns and misplays balls, so a 4th Howard might just happen in the last 20 games.  There's a butt-load of players with 2 Howards on the season, with Adrian Beltre, Aramis Ramirez, and Chris Davis as my favorites to possibly churn out another before season's end.

Other Stuff:
*Jimmy Rollins left last night's game with a sore hammy.  That's bad news for the rest of the season.  The Phillies are calling it a strain, and honestly there's no reason to risk further injury, so expect to see a lot of that no-hitting Freddy Galvis (.085/.276 in 59 AB) the rest of September.

*Ryan Howard is 8 RBI shy of 100.

*Ben Revere is 7 SB shy of 50.

*Cesar Jimenez has a pristine ERA of 0.00 through 11.2 IP in 11 appearances.

*Rookie Dave Buchannon has likely secured a spot in the 2015 rotation.  His ERA/WHIP combo of 3.95/1.31 is 4th/5th starter worthy.  With another 6.2 IP, he'll reach 100 IP for the season.  He toes the slab tonight, so let's root for him.

*Ken Giles is one of the best young relievers in the game with a 1.16 ERA, 0.83 WHIP, and 56 K in 38.2 IP.


Andrew said...

Regarding the 2015 OF, I actually think both Sizemore and Byrd are perfect sell-high candidates. Who really knows if either will be good or healthy again next year, so drop them now when they are most valuable (and have little to no sentimental value). Brown may have little value, but if he does, sell him too. Keep Revere. The guy has proven to have value with his AVG and speed on the bases. Keep Ruf and let him have a full season in OF/1B. Move Franco to OF?

Keep Papelbon. Asshole aside, he is one of the best RPs. And our bullpen appears to be shaping up nicely for 2015.

Keep everyone else because they are either untradeable (Lee, Howard), too valuable to build around (Hamels), or still good and largely fan favs (Rollins, Utley).

Now go find a few more SPs and OFs, Rube!

GM-Carson said...

Sizemore is a free agent, so we get nothing for him. Just let him walk or sign him, those are the options.

Unless they can get something of value in return for Papelbon, they should just keep him. However, his contract is basically just 2 YR/$26M now, which isn't good, but not horrible for a team in search of a closer. Honestly, he's an elite closer, so eating significant salary on him doesn't make sense. Maybe the Yankees could take him off our hands...

Andrew said...

Oh ok, so we should re-sign Sizemore to a 2yr deal, play him for half a season, pray he's still good, then sell high!

Robert Dalton said...

That no hitting Galvis just went 3 for 3 with a home and double. The WSBGMS anti motivation talk has worked again.

I say bring Sizemore back along with Ruf for maybe a platoon or if someone just flat out hits their way in to the lineup so be it. Attempting to sell high on Byrd and Revere would be a good idea while just trying to flip Brown for maybe another reclamation project. Also if the team is able to sign that Cuban OF Tomas he would figure into the OF next year.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Luis Garcia was lights out this year at Lehigh Valley, but horrible with the Phillies. I don't get it.

Luis Garcia AAA ERA/WHIP - 0.96/1.09 in 46.2 IP. With Phillies - 12.27/2.86 in 7.1 IP and the bases are currently loaded with no outs.