Sunday, September 21, 2014

Neal Huntington is My Hero

At the time when the Phillies were spiraling out of contention, the Pirates were skyrocketing into it. Pittsburgh's winning way isn't out of luck, but rather a plan, a fundamentally sound economic approach in the land of bloated contracts to "stars" past their primes.
"We’re going to continue to have to pay guys for what we believe they’re going to do, and not what they’ve done."
~Neal Huntington
Wish Amaro would have went to the same school of GMing that Huntington did. Not only do the Pirates spend well, they draft well. Both of those are weaknesses for Amaro. Not sure if Amaro has a strength, but guess it would be blowing his load and outbidding only himself.


ripjgarcia said...

you kinda feel bad for Cole this season. He had such a great year.. and honestly.. with his youth his contract is not outside of the off-season trading block. So what happens when the front office blows up at the end of the season and Gillick says enough, I made a mistake in Rube. 9-8? Cole should be easily 14-4..

GM-Carson said...

Cole should be 3rd in the Cy Young voting if not for horrific run support.

Andrew said...

Maybe fourth, hard to top Kershaw (who will win) followed by Wainwright and Cueto

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, you're right. I was thinking Hamels better than Cueto, but that's not the case.

Bob D said...

Look at the Pirates lineup, they have multiple players hitting 290+ and 310+. The pitching is solid but not spectacular.

Papelbon will likely get CyYoung votes while (ok maybe not many) Giles will get some ROY votes