Friday, August 15, 2014

Phillies Bullpen Bad 3 Years Running

The Phillies bullpen's ERA of 3.95 is currently ranked 24th out of 30 MLB teams.  I'm not blaming the team's losing ways solely on the relievers, as it's clearly a team effort with equally crappy offensive production and efforts from the starting rotation.  I argue that in today's game it's easier to build a decent bullpen through a mixture of talent evaluation and dumb luck.  However, it seems Amaro simply sucks over the past few seasons at putting relief corps together (27/30 in 2013 with 4.19 ERA, 21/30 in 2012 with 3.94 ERA).  Minor league arms with "upside" haven't panned out, free agents have been a bust, and trades haven't worked out too well.

# of relievers on each team with 20+ IP & sub 3.50 ERA:
Arizona Diamondbacks: 4
Atlanta Braves: 5
Baltimore Orioles: 5
Boston Red Sox: 3
Chicago Cubs: 5
Chicago White Sox: 4
Cincinnati Reds: 3
Cleveland Indians: 6
Colorado Rockies: 1
Detroit Tigers: 3
Houston Astros: 2
Kansas City Royals: 5
Los Angeles Angels: 6
Los Angeles Dodgers: 5
Miami Marlins: 5
Milwaukee Brewers: 3
Minnesota Twins: 4
New York Mets: 4
New York Yankees: 4
Oakland Athletics: 5
Philadelphia Phillies: 3
Pittsburgh Pirates: 3
San Diego Padres: 5
San Francisco Giants: 6
Seattle Mariners: 6
St. Louis Cardinals: 4
Tampa Bay Rays: 3
Texas Rangers: 2
Toronto Blue Jays: 4
Washington Nationals: 5

*Jonathan Papelbon, Justin DeFratus, and Ken Giles fit the criteria for the Phillies.

Michael Martinez Update:

Mini-Mart's career batting average is down to .182, which ranks 4,440 out of  4,449 since 1900 for non-pitchers with 400+ plate appearances.  His disastrous OPS is at a  low of .484, that ranks him 4,446 out of 4,449.  Historically horrible.


Bob D said...

I do not see Aumont nor Bastardo back for next year. I do think Jimenez is a really good find, he was good last year as well as this year - most underrated relief pitcher.
Garcia and Rosenberg should have been better than what they have done in brief appearances, they may be back but more as AAA filler. Rosenberg late last year looked like he had finally put it all together as his pitches had life and movement, but this year has flattened out.
Hollands and Diekman have been good at times but faltered at times too. They generally have been better but sport an ERA around 4.
Next years bullpen:
Papelbon (if not traded)
And expect the team to pick up a couple of other options as MAG and Martin could end up in rotation in either AAA or ML. Papelbon and Bastardo (as a sign and trade) are prime candidates to be traded.

GM-Carson said...

Bastardo has killed his trade value recently. Ran his mouth that he wants out and has been allowing tons of baserunners and runs.

Papelbon is good at what he does. Problem is, the Phils aren't in contention, so they don't need a $13M closer.

Diekman has value, but I'm not sure he'll ever find consistency with his erratic mechanics. So herky-jerky.

Holland is a rookie and may turn out alright.

DeFratus is decent.

Jimenez has had too small a sample. I'm willing to give him more of a sample, but I wouldn't count on him.

I never want to see Aumont in a Phillies uniform again. A constant reminder of the shit Amaro got in the Cliff Lee deal.

Rosenberg and Garcia are Quad-A players, never really gonna stick on a MLB roster, but get cups of coffee now and again.

Morak99 said...

I wonder what Wilson Valdez is doing these days? Harr Harr Harr.

(Answer: Playing Independent Ball for the York Revolution- we could all take a drive and see him.)

GM-Carson said...

Is Bastardo trying to get released?

Beer-a-Thon said...

Well, at least Ben Revere is hitting.

Bob D said...

Why is Howard the clean up hitter when Byrd is still on team?

GM-Carson said...

Sandberg is not a goid manager either. I mean, he was handpicked by Amaro after all.

Bob D said...

Its been apparent since June that Utley and Howard should have been broken up in lineup.
And Howard batting either 5th, 6th, or even 7th.

GM-Carson said...

Just imagine if Howard and Brown were hitting like people think they're capable of.

I don't think they're capable of shit anymore. But people still do.

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