Monday, August 04, 2014

Even Todd Zolecki Knows Ryan Howard Sucks beat writer, Todd Zolecki, is simply stating it like it is...
"Howard is tied for seventh in the National League with 63 RBIs, but it is telling that the Phillies would need to eat almost every dollar on his contract to trade him. His .663 OPS is 136th out of 153 qualifying hitters in baseball. He is on pace for 91 RBIs, but consider for a moment that hitters with 575 or more plate appearances in the cleanup spot almost get 90 RBIs by default because of the number of RBI opportunities they have. 
There have been 400 hitters with 575 or more plate appearances hitting fourth since 1914 (Howard is on pace for 594): 322 have had 90 or more RBIs. But Howard's .663 OPS in the cleanup spot would rank last in that group, which is troubling. Washington's Chick Gandil had a .678 OPS in 593 plate appearances hitting cleanup in 1914."
Not opinion. Fact. Of course, WSBGMs has been pounding this drum for years, but people continue to bring up his homeruns and RBI as evidence that Ryan Howard is still productive.  He's not!  RBI are a product of placement in the batting order.  I always point to Rico Brogna's back-to-back 100+ RBI seasons for the Phillies back in 1998-1999, despite being well below average as a first baseman (0.1 combined WAR for those 2 seasons).  So, we're looking at possibly the worst cleanup hitter over the past 100 years, who just so happens to be one of the top 5 salaried players in baseball.  Screw you Amaro!


Bob D said...

Several experts/reports/GMs all say Amaro is difficult to make deals with. If that is the case, in order for this team to move forward a change at GM will be needed - especially if others will not deal with him.

Now I imagine that there is pressure on him to make some August waiver wire deals.

As for Howard, time for Ruf to start against all leftys. Who cares if the team has a first baseman who gets paid $25 million to start and the back up gets paid $500,000 or the starter gets paid $500,000 while the backup gets paid $25 million. It still equals the same.

Morak99 said...

I can't wait for all of our new Low-A Ball lottery tickets and PTBNL's we get from selling junk.

Phillies better draft damn well these next couple years.

GM-Carson said...

They draft for shit most times unfortunately.

Morak99 said...

The last two have been ok so far. They'll be picking no worse that top 7 or so again this year and no worse than top 5 next year so that helps.

Jon Singleton is a huge dude! 10 HR in his first two months, but a .195 average. It looks like he'll be an Adam Dunn type at absolute worst, which is better than Howard is now. Stupid RAJ.

Of course as I type this, Howard goes yard. Maybe I should complain about him even more than I do.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Howard goes yard. Well, I be damned. Give him another extension.

Bob D said...

Howard just GIDP for the 2nd time tonight as I was reading this. And I thought he would either do that or go to 2 strikes while looking at good pitches to hit then weakly swing as he has to be defensive.

That it the difference from 2008 vs 2014 Howard: 2008= swung at first good pitch, 2014= watches a lot of good hittable pitches early in count then 'protect the plate' or in other words swing very terribly at very terrible pitches.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Wow, look at them runs scored!

Beer-a-Thon said...

Cliff Lee has cleaned out his locker & will rest at home for the remainder of the season. Must be nice to be paid to do nothing.

Andrew said...

I found it interesting that baseball-reference now has a graphic showing the top 20 (ranked by career WAR) for each team (

This isn't new data, but shown in a graphic its interesting to see that Chase, Jimmy, Cole, Abreu, and Schilling are all up there, but Howard is no where to be found, despite >10 seasons with the same team. Roy Thomas (who?) has about double the WAR of Howard in his 12 seasons with Philly.

GM-Carson said...

Howard is a terrible fielder and base runner. His only asset was power, but that has dwindled. He's a hack that can't hack it anymore.

Morak99 said...

Schmidt: Pretty good at baseball. I wouldn't have guessed he was a full 35 WAR ahead of the nearest Phillie. That's like an extra All-Star career on top of Roberts.

GM-Carson said...

Fausto Carmona traded to the Dodgers.

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