Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ryan Howard First Basemen MLB Rankings

Let's check up on Philadelphia Phillies $25M first baseman Ryan Howard and his statistical rankings among qualified first basemen in MLB.  Warning- not good.  Actually awful.  Good job Amaro!

*Out of 24 qualified first basemen
AVG - .219 (20th)
OBP - .301 (22nd)
SLG - .378 (21st tied)
OPS - .679 (23rd)
R - 44 (11th)
DBL - 10 (21st tied)
HR - 15 (9th)
RBI - 58 (9th)
BB - 41 (9th)
K - 116 (1st)
WAR - {-0.5} (23rd)


Bob D said...

For runs, rbi's, Hr's, and BB he has done ok. But if his average, OB%, and slugging was better and made more contact (too many K's) he would be having a really good year.

I am baffled that he hits 4th in lineup when clearly he should be batting 5th or even lower. Right now Byrd should hit there to split up Utley Howard's lefthanded bats.

Rich Baxter said...

Howard basically has nothing to strive for, he doesn't even look upset most of the time when he strikes out.

Just an example of why Ruben Amaro must go, this contract he signed Howard to alone was reason enough, but last place all season and the dismal finish last year? How does he still have his job?

GM-Carson said...

Mayberry with The Howard, but the Phillies with the loss. Rarity.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies are willing to eat some money on their major veteran contracts in order “to effectively buy prospects” in trades, though with teams so hesitant to move their young talent, Philadelphia might be better served by just pursuing salary relief.

GM-Carson said...

Tony Gwynn and Koyie Hill designated or assignment, and Cesar Hernandez optioned. Cliff Lee, Wil Nieves, and Reid Brignac all activated from DL.

GM-Carson said...

Cliff Lee didn't help his trade value tonight. Does anything go right anymore?

Bob D said...

Lee doesn't need to be traded in July or even August. That could happen in offseason. But changes do need to be made.

Side note: Jake Fox in Reading has 11 Hrs in just 35 games. He should be promoted to AAA and see how he does there and maybe a Sept call up. Don't want to miss out on a potential Brandon Moss type of player who does well around 30yrs old, he is now 32.

GM-Carson said...

Jake Fox has always had solid minor league pop. Doesn't hurt to give him a try out. Phils stink anyway.

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