Friday, June 20, 2014

Phillies Need Antonio Alfonseca?

The Philadelphia Phillies have won 5 straight ball games.  Seriously, I'm not joking.  They remain 5 games under .500, but for now, baseball is fun again.  Can they win another one tonight in St. Louis to make it 6 straight? If so, Antonio "6-Finger" Alfonseca is gonna have to make a comeback.

*Ryan Howard is heating up...thank God!

*Chase Utley is leading the vote for NL second basemen in the All-Star game.

*Jonathan Papelbon is having a very good season.

*John Mayberry is garnering trade interest.


Morak99 said...

Ryan Howard starting against Jamie Garcia? YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG RYNE.

ripjgarcia said...

John Mayberry should be playing ever day. Needs that confidence. How many times you see that guy clutch. And Utley should should lead that every healthy year.

GM-Carson said...

Mayberry has actually been pretty decent with the Phils over his career. Don't think he's an everyday player, but he should be getting most of the at bats right now until he proves otherwise.

GM-Carson said...

Surprised one of my loyal constituents didn't call me out. The Phillies had only won 4 games in a row heading into last night, meaning it's now at 5 straight. A victory today would cause need for Alfonseca.

*I'm on vacation in Massachusetts, so forgive me for being slightly distracted.

GM-Carson said...

Luis Garcia still has a 0.00 ERA for the Iron Pigs. 19 G, 21.2 IP, 22 K, 12 SV.

Bob D said...

And they lose 2 in a row. Oh well - but they did not look like a bad team in doing so.

Mayberry's trade value is high now, may as well send him to someone who will pay.

No need for Alfonseco now, but maybe we can lure Urgetha "The Machette" Urbina away from jail or what ever he is doing now a days.

Howard may actually end the year with some impressive numbers especially in RBI's

GM-Carson said...

Adam Dunn hits homeruns and collect RBIs too, doesn't make him a good player or worth $25M

GM-Carson said...

Shutout for the 10th time this season.

Bob D said...

Looking at Phillies all time stats and Utley is making his way into top 10 in many areas. If he sticks around he could be top 5 in many.

9th inning was ugly, made a close game look bad.

Asche with 3 hits has been looking good hitting lately.