Friday, June 06, 2014

Phillies are Good at Losing

*Quick Cincinnati Reds series preview: the Phillies will run out 3 starting pitchers with a combined 4 wins this season, while the Reds counter with 3 guys who collectively have 18 wins.  'nuff said.

*Cesar Jimenez has been designated for assignment to make room for utility infielder Ronny Cedeno.  Apparently the Phillies don't like it when relievers actually prevent runs, because all Jimenez did was pitch 2 shutout innings and as a "thank you" they kicked his ass to the curb.  Meanwhile, Cedeno .286/.694 at Lehigh Valley, so naturally he needs to be summoned to fix the Phils offensive woes.

*The Phillies now have the 3rd highest payroll, but 4th worst record in all of baseball.  Only the Cubs, Rays, and Diamondbacks suck more.

*Kyle Kendrick has 1 win in his last 19 starts.  Um, wow.  Futility?

*John Mayberry is quietly putting up good numbers as a 4th outfielder (36 G, .255/.905).  Trade chip?