Monday, June 16, 2014

Baseball Lost a Good One- Tony Gwnn Passes Away

Phillies reserve outfielder, Tony Gwynn Jr., grew up watching his father, Tony Gwynn, wield the bat like a magician's wand.  He idolized his dad and aspired to be just like him. Yesterday,  Gwynn died the day after Father's Day at the age of 54 from salivary gland cancer (caused by his use of chewing tobacco).  The Hall of Famer was a lifetime .338 hitter over 20 seasons with the San Diego Padres. His brother Chris Gwynn also played in the Majors.  Condolences to the Gwynn family.


GM-Carson said...

Hamels is on one helluva roll. Respect.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies offense...hahaha.

Bob D said...

Is it me or does Brignac remind us of Kevin Frandsen from a couple years ago. A player who has potential but is mostly washed up after bouncing around, then all of a sudden puts its all together and becomes a valuable role/bench player.

Morak99 said...

Gwynn Senoir was a true modern legend. There really are no players like him today. RIP.

I think the NL East is going to become such a pileup that everyone makes hasty decisions and ends up losing (with someone getting a meek playoff berth). None of the five teams has a chance in hell of competing against the Giants, Dodgers, Cards, and Brewers.

GM-Carson said...

I beg to differ, the Nationals can compete if everything comes together.

GM-Carson said...

3 game sweep, Phillies showing life.

Bob D said...

They have a pulse.

Now let's see what St Louis does to them

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