Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Disappointment that is Domonic Brown

Domonic Brown was at one time ranked the 4th best prospect in baseball by both Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus.  After a breakout season last year, many fans were looking for a follow up performance.  I wouldn't count on that.  Other than 2 great months in 2013, he's been a bust.  Rarely gets on base, plays horrendous defense, doesn't hit for average, and lacks power that was projected for him.  Don't believe me, see below...

2010 - .210/.612, 35 G, 62 AB
2011 - .245/.725, 56 G, 184 AB
2012 - .235/.712, 56 G, 187 AB
2013 - .272/.818, 131 G, 496 AB
2013 Breakdown:
May/June - .290/.939, 10 DBL, 3 TRPL, 18 HR, 35 R, 46 RBI, 8 SB
Rest of Season - .258/.724, 11 DBL, 1 TRPL, 9 HR, 30 R, 37 RBI, 0 SB
2014 - .223/.564, 31 G, 112 AB

Now, he is only 26 years old, so improvement can still come. How much, or if any, who knows?  When I was interviewed for a fantasy baseball site before the season started, I was asked who not to pick.  Domonic Brown was my answer, because outside of his 2 fluke months, he's been entirely mediocre at best for his entire career.

Another semi-disappointment has been Cole Hamels since signing his 6 YR/$144M mega-extension. Hamels has the 44th-best ERA (3.56) since the time his extension was signed, despite being the game’s sixth-highest paid pitcher.  Full article here. 


Beer-a-Thon said...

Phillies getting their asses handed to them by the Blue Jays in Philly and now Toronto.

Hamels sucked. Lee sucked. Now Burnett sucking.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Everytime Freddy Galvis is at bat, I die a little inside.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Shawn Camp DFA'd and Luis Garcia recalled.

Morak99 said...

How about them Eagles?

Bob D said...

The three aces fall apart this series. Hopefully they rebound next time thru.
Dom Brown may not become a superstar but hopefully will show a lot more quickly.

Time to get Ruf back and give him a shot.

Byrd has been good with Revere and Gwynn as OK at best. What could have been was the Rumored Brown for Bautista trade. Ehh idk too early to throw the towel in

Beer-a-Thon said...

Phils bullpen is epically awful. Relievers all over baseball are putting up eye-popping numbers, but not in the Phils pen. Pitcher dominate in today's game, but the Phils are far behind.

I honestly think with what Amaro had done to the organization (traded away talent, saddled them with bad contracts) that the Phils won't content for at least another 5 seasons.

Bob D said...

The disappointment that is the phillies

Morak99 said...

There is not a single team in Baseball today as badly mismanaged as the Phillies. There are teams that are WORSE at every one aspect of General Managing (Angels with the big, horrible contracts, Seattle with mismanaging prospects, ChiSox with ineffective trades), but no other franchise does all at such a consistently poor levels.

Also, Mini-Mart. Alls I got to say there.

Bob D said...

Galvis sent down can't wait for his replacement. Maybe minimart all over again.

GM-Carson said...

I've had enough of Freddy Galvis for the remainder of my life. Goodbye!

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