Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sad Story- Phillies Offense & Pitching

Offensive Ranks:
R - 144 (22nd)
AVG - .246 (22nd)
OPS - .682 (22nd)
DBL - 68 (18th tied)
TRPL - 11 (2nd tied)
HR - 25 (28th)
SB - 25 (14th)

By Position:
C - .279/.785 (10th)
1B - .245/.722 (23rd)
2B - .325/.923 (1st)
3B - .188/.596 (25th)
SS - .237/.690 (14th)
LF - .210/.573 (30th)
CF - .266/.595 (28th)
RF - .289/.805 (7th)
PH - .130/.472 (25th)

Pitching Ranks:
W - 17 (25th tied)
ERA - 4.18 (22nd)
WHIP - 1.41 (25th)
K - 299 (22nd)
AVG - .271 (28th)

Starters - 3.95/1.43 (16th)
Relievers - 4.68/1.37 (27th)

As you can see, Dom Brown and Ben Revere have been colossal disappointments in the outfield.  First and third base have also been issues.  Once again, Ryan Howard is a total waste of resources (I love beating a dead horse), and Cody Asche is in over his head.  Basically, the only reason the Phillies offense isn't the worst in MLB is because it's currently buoyed by Chase Utley and Marlon Byrd.

The pitching staff has been underwhelming is all facets as well.  The bullpen crapfest has been well documented, with only Jonathan Papelbon pitching well.  The starting rotation hasn't lived up to its paycheck either though (looking at you Cole Hamels).


Bob D said...

Basically Utley and Byrd have been really good. Ruiz and Rollins a bit above average. However I do feel Howard has been OK so far, average is lower than one may want but he is producing some especially in RBIs. Brown and Revere had decent starts, but have really tailed off while Asche had a bad start and has done a bit better recently. Its the bench which has been atrocious outside of Gwynn who has been slumping most recent.

Pitching has been well, Lee & Burnett have been good while KK has been OK, just no wins with an ERA just over 3????? Hamels we are waiting for him to be back and winning yet. Papelbon is only BP arm throwing consistently good.

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