Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day- Phillies Style


Bob D said...

Happy Mom's Day WSBGMS!

Morak99 said...

"It's decision time for Ryne Sandberg, who has to choose whether to stick with Bastardo or go to Roberto Hernandez [in releif]"- Scott Franzkie.

Kind of a Sophie's Choice there.

GM-Carson said...

Sandberg is stupid. Go with Papelbon. Even if he has pitched 23 days straight, he'd still be a better option than anything currently in ghe Phillies bullpen. Sandberg has cost the team a handful of wins already this season. Phillies management is retarded. Incompetent coaches and GM.

Bob D said...

Happy Mother's Day

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day, This is really great for those Moms who really likes sports.. :)

Hans | 12BET

Beer-a-Thon said...

Freddy Galvis down, Reid Brignac up.

Now Jayson Nix DFA'd, who comes up?

Is it time to activate Ruf?