Sunday, May 04, 2014

Asche with the Howard, Phillies with the Win

Typically when a Phillies player is talented enough to pull off the Howard (K, E, HR all in the same game), the Phils go onto win that game. Well, it held true last night with Cody Asche performing the coolest 1 game stat other than tossing a no-hitter or hitting for the cycle. Congrats Asche, this may have bought you a little more time to prove yourself.

Minor Notes:
*Willians Astudillo is the anti-Howard. He hits for average, is an extreme contact hitter, and has no power. The stocky (5'9" 182 lb.) 1B/C/DH is currently playing for the Lakewood BlueClaws and is a career .318/.773 batter over 5 minor leagues seasons. The amazing stat is that he's only struck out 26 times in 795 at bats. Ryan Howard dos that in a month. 

*There could be some hope for the bullpen in the farm system. Luis Garcia is tossing zeros for the Iron Pigs and Ken Giles is making batters look silly in Reading. Garia made his MLB debut last year with the Phillies and had one relief appearance early this season. In 2013, he post a 1.51 ERA in the minors and this year he's rocking a 0.00 ERA through 12 innings pitched. Time to give him a recall and demote Manship. Giles has struck out 27 batters in 14 innings to go along with 7 saves and a 1.29 ERA.

*19 year old shortstop JP Crawford has done nothing but hit since being drafted last year (.305/.809 in 79 games), and that's good news for Phillies fans, as he could be ready to be J-Roll's replacement come 2016.


Morak99 said...

If I have to hear Larry Anderson complain about the replay system one more time I am going to throw the radio through my window. I get it dude, you're a curmudgeon. Shut up and focus on the game.

GM-Carson said...

Tight game. Coming down to Paplebon. Can he continue a good streak?

Bob D said...

Got the win, eked out a close one

Anderson has a point, may not need to be beat to death. But having replay delays of 3-4 minutes is not good.

Morak99 said...

He's got a point, right. But this is happening every delay, even the quick ones.

Andrew said...

Looks like, despite my dislike of Paps, he's on pace to possibly break his single season saves record (41) as he has 9 through one month.

NL East has become the closest race out there. Exciting!

Imagine how many wins we would have with a solid bullpen (another 4-5?)

Joseph and Biddle tearing it up in AA yesterday