Saturday, May 24, 2014

All the Phillies Need to Contend is...

Hey guys, look on the bright side! This team only needs a few things to contend!

-Two new Starters
-6 new Relievers
-A New First Baseman
-A New Left Fielder
-A New Center Fielder
-Two new backup Outfielders 
-A backup Shortstop/Thirdbaseman
-Several Consecutive Good Drafts
-$100 million in spending over the luxury cap

See, easy fix! I have no doubt this Front Office can fix the problem in no time!

*Thanks to loyal reader, Morak99, for the above "glass half full" post.


GM-Carson said...

Dave Buchannon, savior.

Morak99 said...

Give him the key to the city.

Bob D said...

Once that list is fulfilled then add the rest of the positions as they will have moved on.

GM-Carson said...

Chase Utley is going to play until he's 50!

Morak99 said...

Chase Utley will be managing said players who have filled the positions and J-Roll will be broadcasting them!

Anthony said...

Chase Utley would be the best manager this town has ever seen.

GM-Carson said...

No hit for the first time in my life. WTF?!