Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Wonderings & Wayward Wits

*The Clearwater Threshers fell to 5-20, worst in the minors this season, after losing last night to the Brevard County Manatees (Braves) 20-0.

*Roberto Hernandez's start is being skipped this time through the rotation, and he appeared in relief last night.

*Cole Hamels chokes against the Mets, now 7-14 lifetime against them.  After losing last night, he remains in search of his 100th career win.

* Ryan Howard has a higher batting average (.258) against lefties this season than righties (.254).  Here's to hoping he continues the decent work against southpaws and starts crushing the right-handed pitchers.  He'll have a monster season if so.  On the other hand, his defense is currently ranked last in MLB for first basemen (-0.8 DWAR).

*Domonic Brown has 4 extra base hits so far (3 doubles, 1 homerun).  This is not acceptable. Eat your Wheaties!

*What if the Phillies had at least average production from 3rd base and a bullpen that didn't suck?

*Chase Utley has the NL's 4th highest batting average (.355), 7th ranked OPS (.978), 3rd best WAR (1.5), and his 11 doubles are tied for 1st.

*After crapping the bed in Texas, Jonathan Papelbon has settled in nicely (10 consecutive scoreless appearances and 8 saves).

*Cody Asche or Freddy Galvis have the two lowest WARs of any third basemen in baseball, a collective -1.5 wins below replacement player.

*Ben Revere is ranked 3rd in MLB with 10 stolen bases.


GM-Carson said...

Stupid rain.

Bob D said...

Phillies Minor Leagues:
AAA Leigh Valley 11-14
AA Reading 12-11
A Clearwater 5-21
A Lakewood 8-16
NYP Williamsport 37-38
Gulf Coast League 30-30
Dominican League 37-34
Venezuela League 36-32

As you see the players closest to the major are not doing well as a team. Only Reading which does have some of the top players has a winning record. Below A ball those teams do have a winning record.

I figure with Galvis, Mayberry, Nix and Asche being the weak links as hitters on he team that Ruben would being interested in players exposed to waivers that could be an improvement. Padres earlier in week designated Alex Castellanos who in the last 2 years at AAA had OPS of 1.010 & 815. He can play 2B, 3B, and corner OF. Now he may not be a top prospect, but he would have been an improvement over these guys. Now that's just an example of one way to improve, but a trade for a QUALITY utility infielder or bench player would help greatly. Bench players come in ALOT to pinch hit for the pitcher, so it is good to have someone who can come off the bench and get a hit. Ruf is an example as he has power and a good eye and when he is ready would be a prime replacement for Mayberry on the roster.
But what do we know as we should only be GM's.

GM-Carson said...

Bob D, good points. Ruf would be a nice addition right now.

The records of Willamsport, Gulf Coast, Dominican, and Venezuelan leagues are from 2013 though.

Bob D said...

Oh oops my bad lol, I was wondering why they had so many games played