Sunday, April 20, 2014

Phillies Offense- So Very Bad

Ready for some disheartening stats?  Of course you are, that's why you're a WSBGMs reader.

Past 4 Games:
R - 3
AVG - .151
OPS - .302
XBH - 0
BB - 3
K - 21

Minus Chase Utley and his .417/1.153, the Phillies offense is complete shit.  Dom Brown's power stroke hasn't resurfaced, Ryan Howard has his typical low average with high strikeouts and diminished power, Marlon Byrd is old and is not going to come close to repeating his career year of 2013, Cody Asche seems over matched, Carlos Ruiz has been nonexistent, and Ben Revere might as well go to the plate with a feather in his hand.  Jimmy Rollins is doing okay, but 1 good player, plus 1 great player, plus 6 below average players is going to equal losing. Harsh reality people.

Sorry.  Happy Easter.


Morak99 said...

Bad Roberto Hernandez is bad.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies are bad. Woe is me.

Nikole said...

Here's some stuff I know.....

I wanna strangle Roberto Hernandez every time I see him walk to first base.

Jake Diekman is a bad pitcher.

Ryan Sandberg can't handle a bullpen.

Major league umpires are terrible at their jobs. See 2 or 3 plays being overturned basically every game.

And finally Jonathan Scrapplebums is about to blow this save.

Morak99 said...

I think the reason the umps are getting so many calls overturned is that they know they no longer actually matter unless they're doing balls/strikes at home plate and have stopped giving a shit. Give it 5 years and there will only be one ump a game.

As meh as the starts and offence have been, if this team had a bullpen they could be 11-7 and right in the thick of contention right now.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Both Bastardo and Diekman have big time swing and miss stuff, but they are so erratic. They just can't be counted on. Diekman reminds me of a right-handed Carlos Marmol.

Anthony said...

I don't remember the umps ever being good at what they did. They are especially generous on pick off plays toward the runner, and they've always been horrendous with balls and strikes.

Now our team is bad with little hope of getting better because we gutted the minors, and never thought of replenishing with international prospects, or spending more in the drafts. At least because MLB put limits on everything, the Phillies are coming close to meeting those limits, which means in 6 or 7 years we could be good again.

Jason Rush said...

I would trade lee and utley right now for vin scully.