Sunday, April 27, 2014

One for Thirty

Freddy Galvis 2014
.033 AVG
.124 OPS
-0.7 WAR


Rich Baxter said...

On the optimistic side: Room for improvement? :)

Bob D said...

He needs some minor league time. Along with Nix and Mayberry. Only Gwynn has done fairly well

Bob D said...

The bench and half of the bullpen is horrible.

Morak99 said...

Think about how well this team would be doing if the bit players were preforming! The guys they were needing to show up have shown up (Brown could be doing better but he's not been bad by any stretch). But the bench and middle revilers are screwing them. RAJ once again shows his total inability to evaluate fringe major league players.

Morak99 said...

Offensive War without Galvis and Asche is 3.3- so on pace for about what they produced in 2011. One of those guys (or Franco) better wake up.

Bob D said...

All of the starting 8 other than Asche have done ok/average to really good. The starting pitching has been good and is getting much better with Hamels back other than Hernandez. Gwynn is only bench player who has done ok, Nieves in limited role has been decent. Bullpen has already purged most of the waste/under performers already, but still has some.

How to fix it and make the team a legit contender: Hope Franco can make the jump to team, replace Mayberry with Ruf, replace Galvis and Nix with Hernandez and trade for quality utility player, replace Hernandez if he can't improve. Bullpen needs at least one arm from outside the organization and maybe rush Giles to team.

This team's core is proving to be at least average and productive so there is hope yet.

Morak99 said...

Nats loose Harper for two months and are hurting all around. Will the Phils capitalize?

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