Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's Get It On- Diamondback Series Preview

Philadelphia Phillies (11-11) @ Arizona Diamondback (7-18)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Friday, 9:40 - Roberto Hernandez vs. Josh Collmenter
Saturday, 8:10 - Cliff Lee vs. Bronson Arroyo
Sunday, 4:10 - Sports Hernia Burnett vs. Bradon McCarthy

D-Bags Bats:
R - 93 (13th tied)
AVG - .241 (22nd)
OPS - .658 (25th)

Paul Goldschmidt/1B (.330/.896) is a beast and Mark Trumbo/LF (7 HR/19 RBI) drops bombs. Miguel Montero/C (.276/.791) is a having a bounce back season, but other than that the lineup is under performing.

D-Bags Arms:
ERA - 5.39 (30th)
WHIP - 1.45 (28th)

Total crapfest going on here, and it has manager Kirk Gibson in hot water.  Every starting pitcher has an ERA north of 4.50, so you know shit is hitting the fan.  Relievers Joe Thatcher and Brad Ziegler are doing well at least, so they got that going for them, which is nice.  They only pitch an inning here or there though, so no real silver lining.

Something is wrong in Arizona, and I'm hoping the Phillies exploit it.  I say they take 2 outta 3 with the only loss being hung on Hernandez.

Of Note:
Freddy Galvis is now batting .040 (1-25).  Yet, Sandberg keeps plugging him into the lineup. 


Jeremy said...

Anyone have hope for this season? I want to have hope. It seems every time they get going they slide back. Reality tells me we are for a .500 season though.

Bob D said...

They have potential, If the bullpen gets an upgrade, 3rd Base improve and a better bench then they could be a legit contender. But a contender now a days usually have a 500 record or better.
Now if Franco and Giles turn it on and advance to the big leagues, they could be a big help in 2 of those areas. But that is only 2 players. Acquiring another bullpen arm really could be huge for any chances they have and maybe an upgrade for the bench to help Nix/ Galvis. If Mayberry faulters then hopefully Ruf will be back

Beer-a-Thon said...

I hope Ruf comes back and provides thump that Mayberry is not.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Freddy Galvis isn't in the lineup tonight!!!!!!!!!

Bob D said...

Ruf replace Mayberry. Mayberry maybe a bit faster but if he makes baserunning mistakes and strikes out looking to end a game, then what do you have to lose?
Nix has to be replaced!
Galvis needs to go down to get playing time as he is showing a lot of rust.
Gwynn has actually looked ok so far, not great but ok.

Come on Ruben, time to make some changes! However I doubt he will trade for a good bench/utility player that they need.

Bob D said...

While we are at it, Manship could be replaced. Hollands and Diekman I'm not sure of just yet - but an upgrade would be good.

And Hernandez not doing so well so far.

I hope changes could be made there by May

GM-Carson said...

Roberto Hernandez is not good.

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