Saturday, April 05, 2014

Let's Get It On- Cub Series Preview (Lil' Late)

Philadelphia Phillies (2-2) @ Chicago Cubs (1-3)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Friday, 2:20 Phillies won, 7-2
Saturday, 2:20 Cliff Lee vs. Jeff suh-MAR-jah
Sunday, 2:20 AJ Burnett vs. Carlos Villanueva

The Curse of the Goat's Bats:
Emilio Bonerface (.579/1.303) is off to a hot start, but honestly this team is void of any real offensive threat.

The Curse of the Goat's Arms:
They have some decent pitchers on their staff, but nothing star worthy.  Today's start, Samardzija is the best they have to offer, but he may not even make it through the entire season with the Cubs (likely trade bait come July).  Pedro Strop is good when he's good, but is bad when he's bad, much like Phils closer Papelbomb.

What I'm Drinking:
Today I'll be partaking in a bottle share of a plethora of craft beer styles (IPA, blondes, sours, Imperial stouts, etc.).  Personally, I'm proud for one of my contributions to be Appalachian Brewing Co.'s Broad Street Barley Wine.

Given that the Phils already won the first game, I'm going to take a risk here and future forecast 1 win for the Phightins.  Seriously though, sweep for the good guys!


Morak99 said...

Cliff Lee lives!

Utley- the best or the bestest?

These last 5 games have left me a whole lot more optimistic about the Phillies this year. Still not a great team or anything, but I think I might enjoy day-to-day watching of the team this year, unlike last.

Bob D said...

They could be 5-0, but bullpen faltering in 2 games left them at 3-2.

What I do see is, most of the starters are doing well. However the backups/bench is fairly weak. Mayberry could be more valuable against mainly leftys. Hernandez is better than Nix. When Galvis returns, Nix should be sent down and keep Hernandez.

Now here's to hoping that Papelbon will get consistant with quality innings.

The team has potential. I said during spring they are likely the only team that could be so volatile they could make playoffs or finish dead last.

Howard, Ruiz, Byrd and Utley look like they can very well put together very solid years. If they don't get injured I don't see any reason why they can't.