Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bunch of Baseball Stuff

This post has no theme, and if it did, it would be "randomness".

*Giancarlo Stanton has 21 RBI so far and is on pace for 227.  I think that would be a record or something.

*Dan Uggla and Evan Gattis love the Phillies pitching.  In a combined 150 games, they have 36 HR and 98 RBI.  Not to mention, Uggla is a horrible defender, yet pulls Web Gems out his arse against the Phils.

*There's no denying some of the young arms in the Phillies bullpen have good to great stuff, but that doesn't translate into consistency or positive results.  DeFratus, Rosenberg, and Diekman all have potential.  Potential to be good or potential to be bad.  The Phillies bullpen is currently ranked 29th in MLB with a 5.53 ERA.  I applaud you Amaro.  Dumbass.

*Mike Leake, of the Cincinnati Reds, is the first pitcher of 2014 to collect a Howard. Through the first two weeks of the season (roughly 14 games), there has been 14 Howards committed around MLB.  Record breaking year?

*Mike Adams has been activated from the DL and Luis Garcia has been optioned down.  Garcia didn't even appear in a game.


Beer-a-Thon said...

Evan F'N Gattis.

Morak99 said...

The Phillies offence had come crashing back to earth. Time for the dog days of... April.

Bob D said...

They did this in spring training too.

rslitman said...

I've been saying for years that Dan Uggla is the best 2nd baseman in the NL East with a last name that starts with "U". This goes back to his days with the Marlins.

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