Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WSBGMs 2014 Phantasy Baseball

WSBGMs is back for an 8th season for fantasy phantasy baseball. It is a competitive 16 team, head-to-head league. No money involved, just pride. It is run through Yahoo! Email us us for invite, or leave you email address in the comments section.

Also, if interested, click on the link about to sign up for a public league or create your own custom league for you and your friends.


Beer-a-Thon said...

Kevin Munson returned to the Dbacks. Thank goodness. He was wild and doesn't seem to be a fit.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Phillippe Aumont is a walk machine. Just release him.

Ruf hurt in batting practice.

Abreu 3 hits today. He's making the team.

And so is Jeff Manship, 5 IP/1 R today.

Bob D said...

Amazing how many are likely guaranteed spots while hitting under 200. Some Im not worried about (Rollins, Brown, Utley), but others make you wonder (Nieves, Galvis, Asche, Frandsen)

And ther are others who could have those spots other than 3B that have done a good bit better. But its hard to judge just on 30 some at bats.

GM-Carson said...

Nieves is going to be a waste. Rupp is the better option, but they want him getting regular AB's at AAA.

Galvis is really versatile. That's it.

Asche will come around, probably. If not, hello Maikel Franco.

Kevin Frandsen...meh.

Bob D said...

Well now add to the long list of injured pitchers - 2 position players - Ruf and Galvis.

Ruben will be putting up Help Wanted signs along Broad Street

GM-Carson said...

Season = over