Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Phillies are in Trouble

Please allow me to be blunt.  To hell with all this "it's only Spring Training" talk in dismissal of the Phillies failures.  This team is in trouble.  Pitching is bad and the bats are the worst.  Seriously, they're averaging only 3.3 runs per game.  Get ready to hit a new low.

Record: 2-10-2

Average - .186 (30th)
On Base % - .278 (30th)
Slugging % - .290 (30th)
OPS - .567 (30th)
Runs - 46 (tied 29th)
Hits - 81 (30th)
Doubles - 12 (30th)
Triples - 0 (30th)
Homeruns - 11 (11th)
Walks - 46 (tied 11th)
Strikeouts - 91 (18th)
Stolen Bases - 3 (28th)

ERA - 5.07 (tied 23rd)
WHIP - 1.54 (tied 26th)
Walks - 53 (25th)
Strikeouts - 99 (11th)

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Bob D said...

Is JRoll in the doghouse?

Pitching doesn't really concern me, as most of the regulars have thrown well. The high ERA etc is from those who wont be on team.

The offense is the thing that is of great concern. seems to lack punch and all too often falls behind early in game and has hard time getting on track. There have been very few rallies, and a large number of their runs seem to be by accident.

If they need to rebuild it will likely take a few years once they start - it would be hard to trade Howard or Papelbon or Adams or others since the salaries are high and if they are not producing. But this is the direction they set out on when Utley was reupped so they may as well give it a shot. I feel they are capable of contending, but I was also an optimist with the Phillies during the 90's