Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Roster Shuffle: Phillies Old & New

*Bobby Abreu will not make the squad to begin the season.  He's currently "weighing his options".  I would think his only options are to accept a minor league assignment, retire, or play in an unaffiliated league.  He hit .263/.823 this spring while playing horrendous defense.

*Michael Stutes, already removed from the 40-man roster, has now been released.  A few years back, I thought he was a future setup man.  Now, he's just a mess.  He ends his time with the Phillies after 3 seasons, 79 games, and a 4.01 ERA in 85.1 innings.

*Kevin Frandsen elected free agency and promptly signed with the Nationals.  I'm predicting a game winner against Papelbon this season.

*Vance Worley has been traded to the Pirates.  Phuture Phucco?

*Joe Blanton was released by the Angels.

*Seth Rosin, a Rule 5 pick by the Dodgers from the Phillies, has now been claimed by the Rangers.

*The Mariners released Endy Chavez and Humerto Quintero, just to turn around and re-sign them to minor league deals.  This helped the M's avoid giving them roster bonuses.

*Randy Wolf was going to make the Opening Day roster for Seattle, but they wanted him to agree to  a special contract that allowed them to release him within 45 days only be on the hook for a prorated portion of his salary.  He elected free agency. Good luck finding a job.

*Delmon Young has made the Orioles roster.  Boo!

*John McDonald has been named the Angels utility infielder.  Seriously, how does he have a job?


Bob D said...


GM-Carson said...

Abreu has left the building (organization).

Bob D said...

I will make a few predictions of what I see this year from the team:
KK will be a solid starter and have ERA under 4
Brown will have an average season but no breakout.
Howard will surprise everyone with a productive year.
Mayberry will be cut/off team when Ruf returns.
Hernandez will be on team till Galvis returns and Ruben will look for another utility IF from outside organization.
Gwynn will have a solid year.
Ruiz will have a really good year as will Byrd.
Tommy Joseph will make his major league debut after a great AA & AAA season.
Utley, Rollins, Revere will all have good solid seasons.
The Bullpen will be extremely good
And the team will be a contender for division/wild card all year.

But that said, this team also has the greatest chance of them all for a total collapse and dead last finish of any playoff contender. They could be much like Red Sox of 2012 or Red Sox of 2013. There is great risk here.

GM-Carson said...

For realz?!

Corey said...

it's the bobby abreu mad lib:

He hit [number] [time period] while playing horrendous defense.

Morak99 said...

I gotta say, I knew the Angels deal for Blanton was bad, but holy moly was he terrible. Best of luck to him in his (assumably non-baseball) future endeavors.

I predict:

Brown hits .270/.320/.500 with 31 HR for the season.

Utley, Howard, Chooch all have so-so seasons. Rollins will be terrible.

The Pitching Staff outside of Fauxto and a few revilers getting put through trial by fire is respectable.

The Phillies, sitting around .450 at All Star Break, give up on the season but don't do an all out fire sale a la 2012. Lee, being the only movable piece for witch great value can be returned (except Hamels who has too many years left to give up now), is traded. Maybe Byrd too.

Bob D said...

Yes for real I think if they falter it will be because the offense and not pitching. Pitching should be good. I really think Ruiz and Byrd will do really good and Howard will have a great rebound year. II think the rest of the hitters leave too much question s. But none the less they should be within striking distance of 500 which will keep them a contender. May even just give them false hope. Now if injuries pile up and they try to play hurt they will lose 90 plus games.

Bob D said...

MLB . com has phillies listed as 1 of six teams that could surprise this year. But did cite there are a lot of IFS

GM-Carson said...

Phils trade for Jayson Nix. Post coming later today.

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