Monday, March 10, 2014

Over/Under- Roberto Hernandez

We wrap up the 2014 Philadelphia Phillies preview of the starting rotation today with the guy in the 5th slot, Roberto Hernandez.

Pros: He was signed to only a 1 year deal, hasn't balked since 2011 (really, there aren't many positives with him, so I'm reaching). 

Cons: Hasn't been decent since he was named Fausto Carmona back in 2010, low strikeout rate, gives up lots a hits.  He's basically the Dominican version of KK, but slightly worse.

WSBGMs 2014 Projections for Roberto Hernandez:
7-13, 25 GS, 147 IP, 109 K, 4.93/1.38


GM-Carson said...

Phillies lost 8-1 today. Bad pitching so far this spring and unbelievably horrendous offense. This team could be the worst in the NL.

Bob D said...

Spring doesn't count, but they have not looked even close to being good on the offense at all!

Morak99 said...

The Phillies are still to me clearly better than the Astros and Marlins, but only because the recent fire sales have turned those into essentially AAA teams. The Phillies are probably the worst team in the majors that could still be said to be an actual MLB quality team.

GM-Carson said...

The Marlins might surprise a lot of people this year.

GM-Carson said...

Once again, no friggin' offense! Get used to it.

GM-Carson said...

2 hits, 1 run, by far the worst offensive team. Start trading everyone now.

Bob D said...

Maybe not trade everyone yet, but this team looks like it will score very little. Sad to say.

The tradable players of value right now would be Lee, Burnett, Papelbon, Utley, Ruiz, Byrd, KK, and some relievers. The rest likely are too expensive or of no interest by other teams.

At the same time, may as well give them a shot to actually see if they can regain form. Many of these players were top ones in baseball at one time. Could be a long wait till July 31....

Morak99 said...

I'm going to to put my cards on the table: Cliff Lee to Royals for a decent package of prospects at some point this season. Let's see how I do.

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