Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Over/Under- Cole Hamels

The 2014 season preview continues today with the Phillies brilliant lefty, Hollywood Hamels.

Pros: Great walks to strikeout ratio, cocky, wants to be in Philly, 1 win away from 100 for his career. 

Cons: Receives horrible run support (not his fault), has a tendency to pout on the mound when things don't go his way, currently not 100% healthy.

WSBGMs 2014 Projections for Cole Hamels:
12-9, 28 GS, 183 IP, 171 K, 3.38/1.14


GM-Carson said...

1-5 with only 20 runs scored through 6 games. Boo!

GM-Carson said...

Phillies losing again

GM-Carson said...

A whopping 2 runs on 5 hits today in a tie. This has been horrible so far.