Monday, February 03, 2014



Andrew said...

While I don't expect the team to do anything that amazing this year, I think they can do better than 66 wins. 66? Really? Kind of harsh.

GM-Carson said...

I have a hard time admitting this, but that prediction could very well be spot on. Tje Phillies really are terrible and could easily get worse. Amaro is the dumbest GM in the recent history of MLB. he's ruined this team for the foreseeable future. Big shitty contracts, aging hasbeens, no hope in the minors. Ruined!

Morak99 said...

73 wins again. That's my early, pre-spring training call. I'll update and revise as more developments occur.

Bob D said...

85+ since Im an optomist

Bob D said...

oh and a fringe contender

Andrew said...

I'm going 85 wins also. After all, we are fielding the 2006 Phillies, right?

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