Sunday, February 16, 2014

Over/Under- Jimmy Rollins

Spring Training is officially upon us and WSBGMs is gearing up for the 2014 season by previewing most of the players expected to be on the Phillies 25-man roster, either as individuals (ex- starting position players) or as groups (ex- bullpen and bench).  Today's subject is franchise's longest tenured player, J-Roll.

Pros: Charismatic, smart on the base paths, continues to make the routine plays, is compiling some nice career totals for a shortstop, has something to prove.

Cons: Power is nearly gone, range has deteriorated, low on base percentage, doesn't routinely give 100%.

WSBGMs 2014 Projections for Jimmy Rollins:
147 G, .261/.703, 91 R, 32 DBL, 10 HR, 62 RBI, 21 SB.


GM-Carson said...

Other news:
*Joe Savery has been DFA'd.

*Burnett has a 2015 option $15M if Phils exercise or $7.5 if he does.

Bob D said...

I think this projection is basically right on here.

Anonymous said...

That would be a nice projection 90 runs, 20 SBs

Anonymous said...


Both Mayberry and Frandsen's Contracts became vested for 2014 today.

Mayberry R LF CF 1B
Frandsen R 1B (40) 2B (20) 3B (4)
Nieves R C

Who do you think will be the last two slots? Will they be able to move Mayberry? Going to move Ruff?

Ruff and Galvis are my two last bench slots. But you never know.

What does everyone think?

Bob D said...

What they should do? and what will they do? hmmm 2 very good questions with 2 different answers. Phils will likely keep those they are already paying. But they should have Mayberry and Ruf just battle it out and the best man be on the roster. They don't need Mayberry as backup CF since Byrd can slide over there and is a better fielder anyway than Mayberry. So if Ruf who is corner OF and 1B, along with good DH beats Mayberry out, then so be it. I feel he has more upside anyway. Frandsen is good and useful but I wouldn't count Hernandez and Galvis out as beating him for bench spots. I say they should just let them settle it on the field

GM-Carson said...

I wish Frandsen and Mayberry weren't guaranteed. They have the least upside and are the oldest. Ruf better make the f'n team, because he gets on base and clearly has power.

Morak99 said...

WAAAAAY over on Rollins. He is done.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Mayberry can cover CF better than Byrd, and if used correctly batting only against lefties he could be an asset.

Frandsen is what confuses me. Do they see him as a future manager? Last year terrible stats, year before great stats, but why not keep a different infielder?

GM-Carson said...

A much maligned as Jimmy Rollins is, I still love him. I am desperately rooting for a bounce back season from him. I hope he does well and vests his 2015 option and goes out on top.

Not sure Mayberry is better than Byrd in CF. Both are below average there.

Bob D said...

Byrd is the superior fielder and has just as much speed as Mayberry despite him being older

Morak99 said...

I like Rollins as a guy too, and I look forward to him getting the Phillies hit record. I just don't think at his age, and with his pride, he will make the adjustments needed to be a useful player with his diminishing skill set.