Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Over/Under- Cody Asche

The 2014 season is approaching and WSBGMs is getting ready by previewing most of the players expected to be on the Phillies 25-man roster, either as individuals (ex- starting position players) or as groups (ex- bullpen and bench).  Today we rub the crystal ball to look into Cody Asche's future.

Pros: short compact swing, hustles, aggressive, and plays his ass off (people liken him to a young Chase Utley).

Cons: Unproven, is going to strikeout a lot, poor pitch recognition which leads to low on base percentage, and has Maikel Franco breathing down his neck.

WSBGMs 2014 Projections for Cody Asche:
138 G, .263/.724, 65 R, 22 DBL, 12 HR, 61 RBI, 8 SB.


Andrew said...

Chooch back on the "juice" - only legally this time. Hope this helps his focus and he can put together a solid year.


GM-Carson said...

I heard about his Adderall exemption back in November I think. Really only helps with focus/concentration. It's an ADHD medication.

Anonymous said...

It is not "Juice" it is Adderal, used for ADHD.

Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Mike Schmidt, Larry Bowa, all talked about using "Greenies" in the 80s.

This is not Human Growth Hormone.

Interestingly enough 10% of MLB Players are approved to use it,
vs. 4.4% of the general population.

So it is about finding the right Dr.
It is a Focus Drug, not Speed like the "Greenies" all of Baseball used for decades. All in the Hall of Fame.

Not the "Juice" or "The Clear" not Steroids.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has seen the Adam Sandler Movie "The Waterboy" they talk about the "Lizard Brain" or the mendula oblongata! lol

We all have an inner brain stem at the top of the Spinal Cord that does automatic things for use like: Breath, Heart Beat, Digestion.

It also does FIGHT or FLIGHT.

We also have our Outer or High Level Brain. So if I hear a truck backfire and I think is it a GunShot, I may come to my senses from Fight or Flight in say 10 seconds and laugh about it, when my upper brain kicks in.

For someone with ADHD, it may take them 20 seconds, or 40 seconds.

ADHD drugs work to fix the connection from the Lower to the Upper Brain. It seems counterintuitive, but Adderal SLOWS the lower lizard brain down by overloading it, so recovers in 10 seconds.

As every little rich kid in Prep School knows, Adderal can be crushed and snorted by normal kids to get a quick very, very, poor man's cocaine. So kids sell the pills to other kids thinking it is cool and grown up. LOL

That is how Adderal works with normal folks, but if you have ADHD, it does not speed you up like the "Greenies" Larry Bowa took, it actually slows you down so you focus as 95 MPH pitch comes in, instead of having the Fight or FLIGHT OMF god I am going to die kicking in. Equal to players who do not have ADHD.

GM-Carson said...

Thank you Dr. SirAlden. Where'd you get your PHD?

Andrew said...

Clearly my use of "" meant I was being sarcastic, but whatever. Thanks for the wikipedia lesson, because, you know, I couldn't read the actual article I posted.

GM-Carson said...

Andrew, i understood the sarcasm

Anonymous said...

I have a Masters Degree and all the classes for the Doctorate, but never had the years to take off to write the Thesis.

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