Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Over/Under- Carlos Ruiz

Over the next month or so WSBGMs will be previewing most of the players expected to be on the Phillies 25-man roster, either as individuals (ex- starting position players) or as groups (ex- bullpen and bench).  Today we kickoff with the man donning the tools of ignorance, Chooch.

Pros: Handles pitching staff with authority and poise, excellent at framing pitches, solid defensively, does well batting in the bottom third of the lineup, fan favorite, franchise lifer.

Cons: 50-game suspension in 2013, old for a starting catcher, constant source of nagging injuries.

WSBGMs 2014 Projections for Carlos Ruiz:
116 G, .266/.678, 41 R, 21 DBL, 7 HR, 45 RBI.


GM-Carson said...

I would like to see Chooch perform above my predictions, but if he puts up those numbers, that's still decent for a 35 year old catcher.

Bob D said...

agreed. Going for over as I feel his BA and OB% will likely be a good bit higher

Andrew said...

I think his BA can be about 10 pts higher, but the other stats look about right

GM-Carson said...

Sad news- Curt Schilling has cancer. He hasn't disclosed what type or the diagnosis yet.