Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Sampler Platter

Who's Next in the Booth?
Both Jamie "Grand Pappy" Moyer and Matt "Moonshot" Stairs have interviewed for the job of replacing Sarge/Wheels in the Phils tv booth.  Either would be entertaining.  They each played for a lot of organizations, which would give them insight into more than just the Phillies.  Both were important parts of the Phillies 2008 WFC squad.  Moyer seems cerebral and Stairs is Canadian.  Sign 'em both!

Another Ace Anyone?
AJ Burnett has reneged on his word and decided it wasn't Pittsburgh or retirement.  Instead he's coming back for at least one more season and will consider East Coast teams.  The Orioles and Phillies fit that mold, and they each could use Burnett's services.  I'd love to see Amaro throw a 1 year $15M deal his way with an option year.  It would certainly help the rotation that has nothing good aside from Hamels and Lee. Bonus- he'd become a Phucco.

More Drugs?
Phillies minor leaguer Christopher O'Hare has been suspended 50 games to begin the 2014 season.  He's currently on Lakewood BlueClaws roster, so that is where he will remain on the inactive list until his punishment is over.  The lefty was a 23rd round pick in 2013 and pitched in just 5 games.


Bob D said...

Ya know, adding Burnett could make the rotation actually fairly strong. Lee, Hamels, Burnett would be a very good top three with Gonzalez having lots of upside but with a big question mark. KK and Hernandez with Pettibone also in mix gives the depth but they do not have great upside.
Adding Burnett would most likely make them close to a 500 team. The Phils are probably the only team this year going in that could be really good or really horrible. Its a matter of which Rollins, Utley, Howard, Byrd, etc... shows up.

What is it 2 weeks to reporting date?

GM-Carson said...

I am thinking they will be really horrible, even if they r healthy.

Robin Elizabeth Mancini said...

Hey why can't they be good? I'm saying they have had PLENTY of time to get back to 100% health...Chase ended season healthy, JRoll is the one who worries me because he wasn't hurt, he is just declining at an ALARMING RATE!! The BYRD Signing is a big factor, because he may be the FIRST real Right handed power hitter in the 5 holeince we had WERTH, so we will see he was playing for a contract, There is a big difference in playing for an having a contract, hopefully Marlon wants to show the organization that they drafted the right guy some years back just took a weird route to contribute to our team.

GM-Carson said...

I am Byrd replicates last season, it would certainly help the offense.

Mike Adams healthy will really help the bullpen.