Wednesday, January 22, 2014

En-Grave Mistakes : The Proper Etiquette For Getting Your Personal Items Engraved

Even though a lot of the products out there are similar, we like the ones that we own because they happen to be 'ours.' Well there's a way to turn those cheap bowling balls or mismatched watches into something even more personal and that's with unique engraving. That being said, engraving an item is similar to a body tattoo, once it's on there it is pretty permanent so you want to follow these engraving guidelines to maintain the integrity of your items.

Be Wary of Nicknames:
Even though your friend might be called 'Hoser' by everybody in town doesn't necessarily mean he wants his pens, rings, balls, or towels from adorned with the moniker. If you're going to give a friend an engraved item with a nickname, make sure they're comfortable with the alias otherwise your gift could be a source of resentment every time they pick it up.

Include a Date:
Another engraving tidbit is to include a date. Personal items will always hold memories but it's sometimes a nice touch to include the date or at least year the gift was given. When you find a keepsake item in a drawer dozens of years later, it's nice to know when you received it especially if it's a sports award or a workforce milestone like 15 or 20 years on the job.

Choose Location Wisely:
The engraving location must be thought about on an individual basis depending on the item. For instance a personal, loving message on a ring should be discreet so that only the intended viewer can see it and enjoy it. A name on a bowling ball on the other hand should be in clear sight next to the brand name for an individualized look. An engraving in the wrong spot kind of defeats the purpose of personalizing the item.

Don't Devalue the Product or Void a Warranty:
While it's nice to have personally engraved items, it's not that important as to decrease the value of an item. A nice ring for example loses a lot of value if it says “Scott and Cindy 4ever” on the band. Who knows, someday Scott or Cindy may need the money if their love doesn't last 4ever and a pawn shop will give more for an unpersonalized ring. The same holds true with engraving electronic items like cell phones, it's not worth the personal touch if the warranty becomes void.

Engraving is a timeless gesture that really makes an item personal but the engrave yard can be scary if you don't use some sound decision making.

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