Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bobby Abreu is Back!!!

In search of a left-handed bench bat, Ruben Amaro was drawn to an old friend (and I mean old) in the form of Bobby Abreu.  He will earn $800K if he makes the team, and has an opt out clause for March 26th.  He missed all of 2013, because of lack of interest in his services.  He's recently been seen tearing up the Venezuelan Winter League, so interest in him has again been peaked.

Bobby will turn 40 years old in March and was with the Phillies from 1998-2006.  He's also played with the Astros, Yankees, Angels, and Dodgers and is a career .292/.873 hitter with 1441 R, 565 DBL, 287 HR, 1349 RBI, and 399 SB.  The one time Homerun Derby champion's power is all but gone, yet he is still able to get on base (never dipping below .350 OBP since '98).

Bench competition:

Utility Infielder- Reid Brignac, Freddy Galvis, Kevin Frandsen, Cesar Hernandez, and Ronny Cedeno.

Outfield- Darin Ruf, John Mayberry Jr., Tony Gwynn Jr., and Bobby Abreu.

Only 4 spots are open with Wil Nieves/C taking one of the 5 bench spots. Frandsen and Mayberry have the inside track, considering both of their deals are guaranteed. Someone capable of playing shortstop is needed, so one of Cedeno, Galvis, Hernandez, and Brignac will likely get a job. That leaves a reserve outfielder, and Amaro wants a left-handed hitting one, meaning Gwynn or Abreu. What to make of Ruf?

One possibility is to let Mayberry go (or trade him for nothing), and have Dom Brown or Marlon Byrd play center field in a pinch.  This would allow both Ruf and Abreu to make the team.  I'm rooting for Abreu, but not at the expense of Ruf, who can help provide power off the bench and a potential platoon partner for Howard at 1st base.

One thing is for sure, the bullpen and the bench competition will something to watch for in Spring Training, and don't count of the Phillies to make the right decision.


Bob D said...

Marlon Byrd would be backup CF if Mayberry doesn't make team. But Abreu and Ruf both in reserve is the best option.

don't count out Marson as backup catcher, he may be a bit better than Nieves

Or a mega trade for Mini Mart

GM-Carson said...

I think it's cool Lou Marson is back with the team and is nice insurance at AAA, but he's not better than Nieves.

Anonymous said...

Darin Ruf R
Bobby Abreu L
Mayberry R

Utility Infielder w many more of them playing in AAA for quick call up. Galvis S - Hernadez S - Frandsen R

Nieves R

Andrew said...

I predict he's released before spring training is over, much like D-Train was years back.

GM-Carson said...

Bobby Abreu for comeback player of the year!

GM-Carson said...

Grand Pappy Moyer interviewed for spot in Phillies TV booth.

I'm hoping for this.

Bob D said...

2014 is more of not who Amaro added to the roster (Byrd, Abreu, Hernandez, Lincoln, Nieves, Marson, Gaudin) but more of Howard, Ruiz, Rollins, and Revere staying healthy and improving. Now they should have better years, but there is still a decent chance that at least one of them will faulter or get hurt.

I do have to say Byrd is a much better player than D Young and he can play center with a good glove (may have lost a step or two).

Abreu if he can get on at his 350+ OBP as a pinch hitter/part time OF then that is great.

I feel Ruf should beat out Mayberry, but Ruben has a knack of keeping broken parts around too long.

The roster doesn't look very great at first glance, but I do feel they will preform at the least a bit better than 2013 and I still see the potential to contend for playoffs. With salary cap room they can make that trade in season if needed - or they could be way out of it and the pending rebuilding will commence.

Bob D said...

Oh yeah, I expect former Phillie Ryan Madson will be back too.

Bob D said...

Worst case scenario: September lineup has Asche RF, Franco 3B, Ruf 1B, Galvis SS

GM-Carson said...

I'd love to see Ryan Madson back on a minor league deal. He has a lot to prove.

Andrew said...

I think Ryan Madson is a no-brainer. Sign him. Not sure why it hasn't happened yet!

Anonymous said...

Ryan thinks he is too good for the Phillies.

Bob D said...

I found out that Ruben Amaro never renewed his Sports Illustrated Baseball Preview since 2004, hence the signings of Abreu, Byrd, Hernandez, and resignings of Utley, Ruiz....etc...