Sunday, December 15, 2013

GTFO Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez, Mini-Mart, M&M, Worthless Heap of Shit; no matter the name, we are thankful you will no longer be Amaro's go to guy to summon from Triple-A.  Alas, the Pirates signed him to a minor league deal, not sure why, prying him loose from Amaro's grip.  The 31 year old versatile moldy turd hit .187/.495 over the past 3 seasons with the Phillies appearing in 162 painful games. Adios douche-nozzle!


GM-Carson said...

Amaro trying to move Rollins. Replacement would be Galvis?

Andrew said...

Maybe the thought is getting both Asche and Franco on the field at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Neither Asche or Franco are top defense 3rd Basement.

Neither could ever play SS.

These are just slow news day made up stories. J-Roll of 50 some hits away from being the Phillies All Time Hits Leader.

He will be paid. He is getting older and less effective. To move someone would have to pay him extra.

He is 10-5 member and cannot be traded without his consent. No team is going to pay extra enough to have him move as he is becoming less effective.

He is not bad. There are hundreds of millions of dollars coming in the Next TV Contract. He was underpaid. This is just slow news day stuff.

Anonymous said...

Christmas Wish List

AJ Burnett who lives near Baltimore and hopefully does not want to face the AL East Hitters for the Orioles,
might pick Philly to pitch near home.

We need a Starter.

Morak99 said...

Who would take Rollins for all that money now that he's in the late phase "no-hit, ok defensively" phase of his career? He's worth more as a reminder of the good old days here than anywhere else, and his extension, if it kicks in, would be just about enough time for JP Crawford to get to the show. Might as well keep him a career Phillie.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Shut up about these players being underpaid. They're all compensated quite handsomely. Step into reality for a minute SirAlden.

Andrew said...

These are highly trained professional athletes. They can "learn" a new position with some training if need be for the betterment of the team. They need to stop being coddled so much

Anonymous said...

1) Jimmy Rollins was underpaid - this was Ed Wade's best contract.

2) He is overpaid now and will continue to be overpaid and no team will want him unless the Phillies pay over 50% of his contract.

3) He is a 10-5 player and his contract is going to pay him so he has no reason to move.

4) I never said the players were underpaid - I said the owners with new Television revenue will be pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars - so I believe they should go to the Luxury Cap and even beyond to reward the fans who are giving them that revenue.

5) Go drink some Iron City Beer.

Anonymous said...

A great book to read is Bill James - back in the 1970s he theorized that there is a line of fielding value from hardest to easiest.

SS - CF - C - 2B - 3B - RF - LF - 1B

Players as they are less talented fielding wise, or as they age go from left to right on the scale.

So if someone comes up as a SS in HS, and cannot cut it on a Major League Level (giving up extra runs defending) that player will move right to CF then 2B.

So even though people could be talented they never move to the left on a team that finishes in the 1st Division.

Anonymous said...

The Mariners and Franklin Gutierrez are in agreement on a one-year, $1MM contract, according to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes (Twitter links). The Octagon client can earn an additional $2MM via incentives

Raj Davis and now This. Both would have been better than what we signed.

Not sure why the Phillies are not signing a medium level reliever.

Beer-a-Thon said...

I'd have give Frank Gut 1 YR/$2M just to not have Mayberry back.

Also, SirAlden you always are saying how the players were underpaid and now deserve their overpayment. For example, Howard. He was underpaid when he was young and productive. Now he's overpaid, old and unproductive.

Same with Chooch. Same with Rollins.

You blame the owners, but it's Rube making ill-advised extension and contract offers.