Thursday, December 05, 2013

Amaro's Latest Answer- Jeff Manship

Who the hell is Jeff Manship? You probably don't know him, because he sucks. The only reason I knew of him is because I read every MLB boxscore every day during the season (it's an obsession...unhealthy).

Anywho, Manship is a 28 year old right-handed relief pitcher that owns a 6.42 ERA and 1.62 WHIP over 4 seasons with the Twins and Rockies.

To be fair to Amaro, it is only a minor league deal and "Jeff Manship" totally sounds like a porn star name.

However, I'm pissed because Edward Mujica has signed with the Red Sox for 2 YR/$9.5M, which is a bargain nowadays.  Since 2009, he has been a very solid reliever, and last year did a  fine job closing for the Cardinals.  Guess Amaro is banking on Brad Lincoln turning it around and Mike Adams being healthy.  Idiot.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Stupid not to go after what the Sox Signed.

Here is the problem. People want to sign with Winners. It used to work that way for us.

Manship has a great curve and high groundball rate - hope he has a good year at AAA.

Curves don't Curve in Colorado.

Time for 2 HUGE signings by the Phillies. Let's GO.

GM-Carson said...

Wil Nieves contract is for 1 YR/$1.125M

Morak99 said...

Can't wait until he swaps Brown for Josh Hamilton.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Dom Brown, Jonathan Pettibone, Cody Asche, Maikel Franco, and Jesse Biddle for Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton.

Something retarded Amaro would do. Better yet, he'd stick Pujols back at 3rd.

Bob D said...

Even though I'm over 40, I am expecting a call from Ruben to be 5th OF/1B/P/C at any minute. But rumor has it he is scouring the local retirement village.

Unless Manship is a drastic turn towards a youth movement

Bob D said...

Hey Ruben, I had a high OBP in my softball league, I'll settle for a 2 yr contract in the range of $5million

Morak99 said...

I played one season of tee-ball when I was 6. How about a minor league deal Ruben? I played multiple positions just like Mini-Mart!

Morak99 said...

I think making fun of RAJ has become as much a part of being from the Philadelphia area as Cheesesteaks and Ben Franklin.

GM-Carson said...

Other GMs around baseball have to just sit and laugh at Amaro.

Bob D said...

We will see what he does this year.

Im OK with the Byrd signing, but I was hoping for him to replace Mayberry on roster.
Resigning Ruiz was likely the best pure catcher option available (especially needing a right handed hitter).
Now both were expensive contracts - that I shake my head at. Ruiz I would overpay, buy not Byrd.

The Lincoln trade I like.

The freeagent pool is flush with relievers and good ones at that - I still feel they need at least 1 more really good one plus another one who is either good or has good potential. Andrew Bailey who will miss the first half or Madson I would be ok with signing and hoping to hit gold. If they have too many relievers halfway thru year then trade one if needed.

Anonymous said...

$60MM deal .229/.317/.407 with seven homers and eight steals in 245 plate appearances.


Anonymous said...

That was Granderson.

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the Phillies are trying to trade Jonathan Papelbon.
Papelbon has two years and $26 million left on his contract that also contains a vesting option for a third year. He also had a career-low 8.3 K/9 ratio in 2013 and saw his velocity dip for the second straight season. It's possible the Phillies will be able to convince someone to take him off their hands, but they might have to eat some money in the process.

Morak99 said...

Seattle looks like their going all in (and I mean for gods sake they better be now that they're going to be paying $24 million dollars for Robinson Cano's age 41 season!) and they had a bad bullpen last year. I'm thinking Papelbon, eating half the salary or so, for a top Seattle prospect. Not really sure what's in their farm system, I know it's supposed to be good but they keep destroying their own prospects somehow. With that money, you go and sign another reviler or fatten up your contract for Choo/Starting pitcher.

Bob D said...

The Phils are likely a 500 team right now, but with several more months and making a few wise moves they can move into a contender.

Of course we can be excited about 2 rule 5 choices this week